Aqib Talib has ‘Dancing With the Stars’ fever

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It sure is easy to stand up in front of the media coming off of a Super Bowl win. Instead of answering questions about the disappointment of the way the last season ended, you get to answer questions about your teammates on reality TV.

On Monday, Aqib Talib was asked if Von Miller's appearance on Dancing With the Stars was fun or distracting and he didn't even hesitate.

“It’s super fun that he’s on there," told the Pro Bowl corner. "We support him in everything that he does. That’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He’s doing a hell of a job at it. Hopefully, he makes [the championship] and we all go out there and support him. We’ll take over the whole crowd.”

And Talib hasn't just been following along, he's been pretty locked in.

“I missed Disney night. I think I was on a flight or something. That’s the only one that I did miss," he told. "He’s doing a great job... surprisingly. He’s doing a great job.”

All the excitement has the Broncos corner eyeing an appearance of his own and he plans to use this season on the field as his audition.

“I’m going to dance after my interceptions and stuff this year," he said with a laugh. "They might call me next year. I don’t do too much dancing on the field.”

Miller has used the opportunity on the show to show off some of his unique style, something Talib did at his wedding earlier in the offseason when he busted out a pair of dazzling Yves Saint Laurent shoes. (This is also something you get to talk about with the media when you're coming off of a Super Bowl win.)

“I knew the colors and I just wanted something different," he said of the "one-and-done" shoes. "YSL, Saint Laurent, I saw those Saint Laurents. They were the perfect color. It was a no-brainer.”

The wedding was quite extravagant, with a budget over $400,000, according to Talib, and a star-studded guest list that included "eight or nine" Broncos. With that said, though, it wasn't quite as over the top as the wedding thrown by Seahawks' safety Earl Thomas over the weekend, in which he wore a cape and crown... Yes, a cape and crown.

"I ain't the cape-and-crown type, you know," Talib joked. "I'll put some fly shoes on, though."

Talib and the Broncos put their football shoes on, as a team, for the first time in the new league year on Monday, beginning their title defense as Von Miller continues his DWTS title chase.

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