Avalanche Storytime: How the news of Denver’s offer for an NHL franchise broke

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What is one side benefit of having a guy on the staff who covered the Avalanche every day for the first 20 years of its existence? That's right: I got stories, folks.

In the debut of what we plan to be a regular feature here at BSN, I bring you "Avalanche Storytime", which is as simple as it sounds. I talk about something from the Avs' past, in video form, with personal memories and anecdotes.

While I will refrain from making myself the story in the vast majority of these, I can't help but use the "I" word a lot in this first installment. It's the story of how I got the, ahem, story of the original offer made by Comsat Video Enterprises, the owners of the Denver Nuggets in 1995, for the Quebec Nordiques.

It was the scoop that led to what I'm still doing now, 22 years later.

As always when I do these kinds of things, it's a reminder of why I went into the writing part of this business, not the broadcasting part. But I hope you enjoy this, and give me any suggestions for Avalanche stories from the past you want me to talk about in the future. Chances are, I was there.


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