Avs-Sens Grades – Offensive Performance

The Avalanche offense decided to take the evening off, scrounging up a weak 18 shots on net on their way to a 4-3 loss to the Ottawa Senators.

How did each player perform?  Let's find out...

Sven Andrighetto (B) - Ghetto had the best possession numbers on the team, and seemingly alternates from horrible to great games with no in between.  Today was much better for him.

Mark Barberio (F) - Holy cow that was a disaster of a night for Barberio.  3 penalties, all of which were not pretty, and a poor decision with the puck prior to the Stone goal.  He also iced the puck several times this weekend.  A game like that might be worthy of a scratch next week.

Tyson Barrie (D) - Barrie was worst on the blueline among possession numbers and struggled in his own end tonight.  A few of his shots got blocked and led to chances heading the other way.

Jonathan Bernier (D) - The first goal was flukey but not something you want to see any NHL goalie let in.  He also bit really hard on the second goal and was kind of in no man's land.  His numbers right now are not pretty.

Chris Bigras (C-) - Bigras didn't play horribly, and Barberio's struggles, coupled with Mironov playing his usual limited ice time allowed Chris to get some more minutes, but the panic clear right to Hoffman at the end wasn't great.  He also had a turnover that led to a near wide open chance in front, but that was more bad luck as he reversed the puck off the ref.

Gabriel Bourque (F) - I would have to imagine Bourque ends up back in the AHL once the Avs return to America, but Bednar seems to love his effort, even if he doesn't do a whole lot out there.

Blake Comeau (B) - Comeau has looked great this season and scored another nice shorthanded goal tonight.  Maybe his trade value will keep going up.

J.T. Compher (D) - I really don't think Compher should have been playing this weekend.  He didn't look healthy and was only using one hand on his stick way too often.  He got pounded in both games possession-wise.

Samuel Girard (C) - The composure and poise this young man has with the puck on his stick is a welcome addition to the team, but today was not as strong a showing as yesterday.  I can't imagine he's headed back to Juniors.

Rocco Grimaldi (D) - Did Grimaldi even touch the ice in the third?  It sure doesn't seem like the coaches trust him, which makes it confusing as to why they keep playing him.

Erik Johnson (C+) - EJ's legs are going to fall off soon at the pace the Avs keep playing him.  58 minutes played over the span of two days.

Alexander Kerfoot (A) - What a pleasant surprise.  Who would have expected the forward who rarely shoots the puck to be leading the team in goals?  Another two points for the young forward.

Gabriel Landeskog (F) - ZERO shot attempts from the captain at even strength.  Given he played more than any other forward, that's concerning.

Nathan MacKinnon (F) - MacK handled the puck like a grenade today, which we've seen from him before.  The puck just could not stay on his stick, and when he plays like that, the team struggles.

Andrei Mironov (C) - Mironov didn't play as poorly as he has his first few games, but he barely played at all, which makes you wonder why the team keeps trying to force him out there.  They clearly don't trust him.

Matt Nieto (D) - Nieto was a no-show, and with some forwards returning after the Avs get back to North America, he needs to perform better.

Mikko Rantanen (F) - That had to be some of the quietest 19 minutes you'll ever see a forward play.  He missed a wide open net early in the game and then disappeared.

Colin Wilson (D) - The Avs are really trying to make this guy a center when he hasn't played it consistently in years.  He was kicked out of several faceoffs and only won 14% of the ones he took.

Nail Yakupov (D) - Yak was a bystander today, and looked very lost on the game-tying goal, covering no one at all when his guy (Oduya) scored.

The Avs return home and play the Washington Capitals on Thursday.  The game begins at 7 PM MST.

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