Bill Belichick is trying really hard to believe the Broncos are “explosive” on offense

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — "Offensively they’re very explosive," Bill Belichick told New England media earlier this week, speaking of the Denver Broncos offense.

Wipe your eyes as much as you want, that's really what he said. The comment was the latest in a long line of answers from Belichick that make you say, "Huh?" It's just part of his thing.

The Broncos offense, which ranks 22nd in the league in scoring, is arguably the least explosive offense in the league. Their longest play of the season came in the opener, when Trevor Siemian found Virgil Green up the seam for a 44-yard reception. Only the offensively-inept Miami Dolphins have a shorter longest play of the season, a 42-yard run by Kenyan Drake.

But Belichick is adamant, and he even doubled down on the comment when asked by Denver media on Wednesday what exactly is explosive about the Broncos "O."

“Well, most of it," he said in his signature monotonal grunt. "The receivers are explosive. The backs are good. They’ve got a lot of fast players, a lot of guys that are hard to tackle. A lot of guys that are really, really good in space. Green has made some plays going down the seem, too."

He's right about Green, sort of, but out of all of those guys who are fast, hard to tackle and good in space, none of them have had a play go for more than 40 yards.

The Broncos longest touchdown of the year came on an Aqib Talib 103-yard pick-six, after that, you have a 23-yard touchdown run for C.J. Anderson against the Cowboys and a 22-yard pass from Trevor Siemian to A.J. Derby against the Raiders.

"Honestly, they can be on offense when they aren’t on offense," Belichick explained, noting the only time the Broncos have really been explosive. "Their return game is very explosive. Taking the ball away, strip sacks. Talib had the interception return for a touchdown. They can do a lot of damage really on any play if you’re not alert, if you make a mistake they have great players in all three phases of the game that can take advantage of it.”

The Broncos offense is decidedly not explosive, but maybe when your defense has given up more 20-yards pass plays than 28 other teams and three touchdowns of more than 75 yards, anybody looks explosive.

In order to be more explosive, C.J. Anderson says the Broncos need to break more tackles and "speak it into existence," and in that case, it appears Belichick is doing them a favor.

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