Brandon Krisztal’s PTO Podcast with legendary guest Bob Costas

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If you haven't yet figured it out, BSN Denver is launching a new podcast network that will give you eight new shows that can be downloaded or streamed on all platforms. When all channels are up and running, we will make a big announcement with link and download information included. 

We would like to kick off the BSN Podcast network by introducing you to Brandon Krisztal's Peel The Onion Podcast which you will be able to find here every Wednesday. His first guest? No other than the legend himself, Bob Costas!

[caption id="attachment_32422" align="alignleft" width="357"]BKandCostasCirca1998 Hilariously awesome picture of a super young BK with Bob Costas in 1998![/caption]

Costas talks about a lot of things including how accurate his Wiki page is, how most of the stuff online about him is "Bullshit" and how he's been grotesquely misrepresented regarding his stance on most polarizing topics.

Costas also discusses why he was compelled to touch on many subjects throughout his career and even gave his opinion on Vladimir Putin.


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