Broncos Kubiak opens up about Aqib Talib: “He has to keep his composure out there”


Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak kept the answers short and sweet after the Broncos loss to the Colts on Sunday.  “We weren’t able to close the deal after battling our way back,” Kubiak told a room full of reporters.

The Broncos had plenty of chances in the game, but never quite capitalized. After the second Peyton Manning interception of the game, the Broncos defense had one chance to force the Colts into a field goal and get the ball back. After consecutive stops, most thought they had accomplished just that, but an on-field scuffle would erase that chance.

Von Miller engaged in a typical NFL pushing match with Colts tight end Dwayne Allen - the type of thing that you see all the time. What you don’t typically see is another player jumping in and delivering an eye-gouge. Aqib Talib was responsible for that. Flags flew, unsportsmanlike conduct was called and the Colts were then able to chew clock until a “W” was added to their record.

“I talked to everybody, I talked to the team. Obviously he (Talib) has to keep his composure out there at the end of the game -- things get chippy, you have to handle your business -- so that’s on me,“ Kubiak said and added “But when I talk, I talk to the team. I talk to them all.” Talib may not have received a personal talk from the Broncos head man on Sunday, but it’s safe to say that it will happen at some point in the next few days.

Danny Trevathan recorded a phenomenal 19 tackles on Sunday. “We just didn’t play our game today. We weren’t ourselves,“ Trevathan told reporters. As for the Colts new offensive philosophy Trevathan said, “They just simplified things and made it easier for Andrew Luck to have one read, throw the ball, and get it out of his hands or just take off. We just had to play it better.”

The simplest way to put it came from Kubiak who flat-out said, "As we entered the fourth quarter, I felt really good about where we were as a football team. But you know, they finished it and we didn’t.”

The Broncos will lick their wounds and prepare for division rival Kansas City next week in Denver.


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