Broncos’ quarterbacks share their plans for “summer break”


The Denver Broncos finally wrapped up their offseason program this week after seemingly going directly back to work following Super Bowl 50. Weeks of workouts, OTAs and minicamp came to a close after a light workout and team pictures on Thursday.

As the quarterbacks prepare to head into training camp in what head coach Gary Kubiak is still calling an open competition, their plans for the six weeks or so off were a big topic of conversation. Here's what they had to say:

Here's what they had to say:

Paxton Lynch

On how much time "off" he'll take

“You can take a little bit of time off, a week or so, if that. Then you’ve got to get right back to work. Have to hit the weight room, have to come out and practice your drops. [You’ve got] your playbook the whole time. It’s not a lot of off time in my opinion, so that’s kind of how you keep from rusting.”

On if he'd prefer to keep working

“It feels good to be out here practicing and getting in a rhythm of coming out here every day and working out. You kind of get your schedule down, and then you kind of get used to it and then you get a break and you have to get back into it. So it feels good getting in a groove, but it’s going to feel good to get a little bit of time off and relax and rest a little bit. [I’ll] go see my family and stuff like that, but I’ll be ready to work when we come back.”

Mark Sanchez

On his plans for the break

“Definitely go on vacation for a little bit, but not too long. I’m pretty eager to be back here and I really enjoy myself out here. I think this is a perfect situation for me. I’m just soaking it up and giving it my best shot.”

On what he'll do football-wise

“There's tons of film from this camp to look at. A bunch of drills and a lot of new stuff that [quarterbacks coach] [Greg] Knapp has acquired through the years. He’s been around the game for a long time. He has some great footwork drills for me that I need to continue on my own. Just watch all of this film and study up so that when we come back for camp, it feels like a long weekend and there is a seamless transition.”

On how much studying he'll do

I’m going to take every chance I get. I’m a flash card guy. I’m a repetition guy. I just have to see it one million times and watch it one million times. Whether I’m on a plane or sitting somewhere in a hotel or on a beach somewhere, I’ll have my stuff near me and constantly just go over it every chance I get.”

Trevor Siemian

On his plans for the break

“I’ll take a breather, but not too much time. We’ve got a pretty quick turnaround. I’m sure those couple of weeks will fly by. I’ll brush up on a couple of things, but stay healthy and be in shape fro camp.”

On how much studying he'll do

“A ton—self-scout, looking at what we did this spring and then looking ahead. I’m excited to have some things I’m building on now and to carry some momentum into camp. I’m excited.”


Head coach Gary Kubiak

On his message to the team going into the break

“Usually, my message is the same. Get away from me, get away from your coaches, get away from [the facility], but never get away from the game and you represent this football team all summer long. You see what happens around the league during that time in the summer. I’ll be preaching to them. They’re the ones that have to be smart.”

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas

On his plans for the break

“I’ll get away for a little bit. I’m going to be working out still. I’ll make sure I come back in great shape. I’ll be here early. I’ve got a camp here, so I’ll be here so I won’t be too much out of shape because I have to get back to the altitude.”

On if he has to tell younger players to stay focused

“Some of the younger guys you still have to. They’ve never done it before. They come to work and they talk about how difficult—especially on the offensive side of the ball. The main thing is come back in shape and be in your playbook.”

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