Broncos’ Vance Joseph shares how he would stop his own offense

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"If I told you, I'd have to kill you," would have been an acceptable answer to a question Denver Broncos' head coach Vance Joseph fielded on Monday.

The question: If you were still a defensive coordinator, how would you stop your own offense?

The answer: Better than it had to be.

“I would definitely take away the two receivers (Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders)," the head coach cordially admitted. "That would be my first priority."

It was an open and honest answer, provided without much, if any, hesitation at all. Surely, it's not the first time the defensive-minded coach has thought of that very question. It was his way of admitting the offense he was handed is was extremely one-dimensional. After those two perennial producers

And it's not like Joseph revealed a big secret. After those two perennial producers, there isn't a single player on the Denver offense that strikes fear into the heart of defenses. Not one.

With that being said, though, Joseph went on to explain how his offense can go from one-dimensional to unstoppable.

"If the running game was obviously intact, that would be tough to load the box with enough guys to stop the running game and having enough coverage for those two receivers," he explained. "Again, running the football is the ultimate way to put the defense at risk. If the running game is intact with those two receivers, it’s almost impossible to stop the offense.”

Simple as that, right? Not exactly. When asked if he thinks the running back room needs some more 'juice,' Joseph was open in admitting he thinks the offense in general needs more juice. Later adding there is plenty of that need in the draft.

The freshest squeeze in that running back room is still  C.J. Anderson, and while social media is worried that he looks more like an orange than 'OJ,' 'VJ' isn't too concerned.

“It’s the offseason. I have no concerns," he said with a laugh. "Phase 1 is designed to get the players into football condition. I have no concern with C.J. as far as getting in shape. The first game is not until the fall. We’ve got plenty of time to get him into shape. Obviously, with C.J., we’re going to take it slow and make sure he is really ready to go for OTAs. That’s the most important date for C.J. That’s when the full practice starts.”

For now, the Broncos remain fairly one-dimensional, but as Joseph fittingly said in a different context, "We don’t play until the fall, so that’s a good thing.”

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