The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns with a live show from Total Beverage as they get into the future of Duncan Siemens, the issue of tanking, and of course, wade into the murky waters of Matt Duchene’s future.

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AJ Haefele

This Aurora, Colorado native moved to Katy, Texas at a young age but found himself right back at home in 2009 and would begin covering the Avalanche a year later.

Before joining BSN Denver, A.J. had been writing for and briefly managed the popular Avalanche blog, Mile High Hockey. A.J. has been providing detailed practice reports, training camp coverage, and in-depth looks at the Avalanche and their divisional foes since 2010.

  • bob_w

    While I agree that the Avalanche should have done better in communicating about and possibly apologizing for this past season the lack did not have anything to do with season ticket holders renewing or not renewing. The renewal period was in February and ended on March 8th.

  • Charlie Anderson

    I listen to you guys laugh, not just to suffer the lack of hockey in July.

    • Adrian Dater

      Laughing with us, right Charlie?

      • Charlie Anderson

        OF COURSE I’m laughing WITH ya big fella 🙂 I’m not really on facebook or twitter but I would really like to ask you guys why you have such low hopes for next season (I mean besides the obvious disaster that was last season)? If Varly is back and standing on his head with a solid backup, if the D core gets a solid top 4 guy for Duchy, and big Z continues his upward development, couldn’t we be looking at one of the best, deepest, goalie/defense setups in the league? Our backend COULD flip from worst to best. Then we bring in Jagr to replace Duchy and the crowds come back and we win THE CUP BABY YEAH. I guess it’s just me, but I thought the bad puck luck last season was what really killed the Avs (which I also blame on management/angry hockey gods). A puck broke our best D mans leg for gods sake. So many of those games we lost were within 1 goal and the Avs had hit the post about 3 times, or it had gone in off our Dmans skate a few times and such. How come you guys never mention that stuff? I’m not saying the Avs would have been good with better puck luck, I’m saying with just a TINY bit better luck they would definitely NOT have been 48 points. Including Duchene getting punched in the face and concussed when the Avs were like 9-9. I mean our best player, no penalty, no suspension!!! I’ve watched that over and over and it seems like that’s where the whole season went bad. How is pouty mcpoutersons NOT supposed to pout over that one? Should have been a suspension, instead it’s our best guy out with a concussion…. I’m not saying that gives him an out for not being a “gamer”, just WTF!!! Does it ever seem to you guys like Avs management is on the outs with the “hockey gods”, as in, league management? Would you guys be willing to address all my questions/topics here (incl. Jagr) in your next podcast?

        • Ace O’Dale

          Because that’s a lot of ifs. And a lot of the lineup could end up being new(ish) to the NHL.

          Nowhere to go but up, I agree, although its still gonna be a long climb.