The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns this week with AJ Haefele and newcomer Adrian Dater talking about the upcoming trade deadline, from Matt Duchene to Joe Sakic facing his biggest test as GM.

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AJ Haefele

This Aurora, Colorado native moved to Katy, Texas at a young age but found himself right back at home in 2009 and would begin covering the Avalanche a year later. Before joining BSN Denver, A.J. had been writing for and briefly managed the popular Avalanche blog, Mile High Hockey. A.J. has been providing detailed practice reports, training camp coverage, and in-depth looks at the Avalanche and their divisional foes since 2010.

  • Fivefingers

    I would recommend trading greer and the wasted picks we got for carlo.

  • Max Power

    please please please tell me Dater WILL NOT be an ongoing selection for the podcast. I cannot stand this tool and he constantly trails off away from the subject at hand. not that JJ and AJ dont do the same, but at least they lead to something. Dater goes off on these tangents and lost thoughts. I still cant believe BSN hired this scumbag