On the Saturday edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens are coming to you from the UC Health Training Center to break down all of the day’s events.

The guys break down the scrimmage from the quarterback perspective, look into all things run game and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

In 2012, at the age of 20, Ryan became a credentialed reporter covering University of Colorado Athletics. . . despite wearing a wolf-tee to his interview.
A native of Boulder and a graduate of the university, he attended his 100th-consecutive Colorado Football home game in 2015.
Later in 2015, Ryan began spearheading the Broncos coverage here at BSN Denver, riding that wave all the way to San Francisco, where he covered his first Super Bowl.
Now 24, it seems ‘RK’ is trying to make up for that whole wolf-tee thing by overdressing at every event. He apologizes in advance for any cringe-worthy puns.

  • Gagareth

    Thank you guys for your fair and reasonable discussion. Sorry about the insane “fans” on twitter, I’ve been watching them with my mouth open too.

    • Ryan Koenigsberg

      Thanks for listening!!

  • thecashman

    We all say last year that our offense, for the most part was non existent… But how can you expect to go all the way when you are playing the 27 worst QB in the NFL as your starter… Estimates this year he is # 28… If you remember when Trevor got hurt, Paxton got a whole 3 days to get reps with the 1st team to start against Atlanta…. And then gets criticized for not being ready… Trevor was Kubiacs pet last year and received the majority of 1st team reps and playing time… Remember Atlanta went to Super Bowl, so they were a really a tough team to face… We only lost by 7… Lynch needs playing time to learn what he wasn’t taught last year…

  • Shawn Over

    The majority of comments against Siemian are probably not coming from a dislike of Siemian himself. It
    seems most of those fans are upset about the lack of creativity and willingness to make adjustments on the offensive side of the ball, though it unfairly judges a rookie and does not consider the circumstances he was playing under. To me, the biggest culprits were the offensive line and the coaches’ play-calling. With all that said, I think the biggest improvement for the offense will be McCoy. What say you “Pun-Casters”?
    Thanks for what you do!