On the Thursday edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens are coming to you from the Dog Haus Centennial to break down all of the day’s events.

The guys get into the storylines of Monday night’s game, who has the advantage with Mike McCoy and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

In 2012, at the age of 20, Ryan became a credentialed reporter covering University of Colorado Athletics. . . despite wearing a wolf-tee to his interview.
A native of Boulder and a graduate of the university, he attended his 100th-consecutive Colorado Football home game in 2015.
Later in 2015, Ryan began spearheading the Broncos coverage here at BSN Denver, riding that wave all the way to San Francisco, where he covered his first Super Bowl.
Now 24, it seems ‘RK’ is trying to make up for that whole wolf-tee thing by overdressing at every event. He apologizes in advance for any cringe-worthy puns.

  • The thing that pundits who like the Chargers fail to address is that they still have a weak O-line. And they have NO depth. Zero. So who’s going to spell the starters when they are gassed in the 4th quarter? No, as good as Rivers is, he’s prone to throw the occasional interception, and he still doesn’t have a line that can protect him adequately. He makes a lot happen because he’s so smart, but he can’t win it single-handedly.

    And clearly, the Patriots aren’t going 16-0, Zac. Ryan’s right on this one. You can tell the Super Bowl slump has already started. They probably make the playoffs because of their weak division, but I don’t see a repeat in their future. I mean, everyone gives then way too much credit for winning SB LI. Sorry, but Atlanta simply opened the door for them, said, We’ll make it fair by not salting away the game, and just see if you can come back on us. The Patriots weren’t the beasts in the 4th quarter that everyone has made them out to be.

    Notice any difference in how the media talks about NE and how they talked about Denver after SB 50? I mean, we won on our defense–everyone recognized that, and we had virtually the same defense back, but no one was handing us a back-to-back SB. Why? The Pats are no different. They have to deal with the slump, the changes, and now the injuries. Just like we did. They are not as great as everyone thinks. I’m much more afraid of Kansas City now that I’ve seen them play.

    But, in case you can’t tell, I enjoy your discussion. Good stuff.

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