On the Wednesday edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens are coming to you from the UC Health training Center to break down all of the day’s events.

The guys get into the quarterback battle in this week’s game, get into a disagreement about how good the Cowboys and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

In 2012, at the age of 20, Ryan became a credentialed reporter covering University of Colorado Athletics. . . despite wearing a wolf-tee to his interview.
A native of Boulder and a graduate of the university, he attended his 100th-consecutive Colorado Football home game in 2015.
Later in 2015, Ryan began spearheading the Broncos coverage here at BSN Denver, riding that wave all the way to San Francisco, where he covered his first Super Bowl.
Now 24, it seems ‘RK’ is trying to make up for that whole wolf-tee thing by overdressing at every event. He apologizes in advance for any cringe-worthy puns.

  • Brit

    Hey guys – The audio link is missing. Trying to listen in from Copenhagen, Denmark – Brit 🙂

  • Shawn Over

    I think Harris has several key plays that limit run production and Dak’s mobility; in addition to Miller’s play and Barret’s play complimenting the no fly zone – Broncos’ defense keeps the Cowboys’ offense from gaining a lead. Trevor and McCoy learned their lesson playing it safe and keep their foot on the gas pedal, but stay smart and the 4th quarter sees Denver pulling away with a two score lead that Dallas can’t close. Also – McKenzie has a return for 40 yards that is a momentum-gainer for the offense in the 2nd quarter that sets up Trevor and the offense for an easy score. Denver never really looks back after that. Zeke has a good day, but it’s not enough.

    My predictions! Go Broncos!

  • Interesting discussion. The thing I think is the intangible is that the Dallas O-line does not go up against the kind of D-line Denver has, pretty much ever. So they’ve earned their reputation against not the best. In other words, how good are they really?

    Also, against the Giants the Cowboys only scored, what, 19 points? Denver should be able to put up more than that and should be able to hold them to fewer points. My score guess is Denver, 31-14.

  • Philip Heard

    Broncos were 28th in the league in Rushing defense last year- over 2000 yards allowed. Zeke will be the key to the game.