In the 48th edition of the BSN Denver Colorado Buffaloes podcast Ryan Koenigsberg, Allie Monroy and Jake Shapiro discuss all the latest news from the Colorado Buffaloes.

Starting the show, the group reviewed Colorado’s past game against the Utah Utes. They went over the historic win and highlighted some of their disappointments from the game. They also focused in on how impressive the secondary was.

In the second segment the trio focused in on the Buffs No. 8 ranking and their matchup against No. 4 Washington Huskies for the Pac-12 Title. How tough of a team are the dawgs, where can the Buffs beat the Huskies and does CU have a chance? The three are impressed with UW’s secondary, quarterback, talent and so much more, what is in store for Colorado?

In the third segment, they debuted the All-Dawg Teams

Al: Brian Griffin (Family Guy), Marley (Marley & Me), Comet (Full House)

RK: Snoop Dogg, Baxter (Anchorman), Taco Bell Dog

Shap: Sefo Liufau, The Littlest Hobo, Pluto (Disney)

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Jake Shapiro

Since he was a teenager Jake has been a credentialed reporter, now he works on the Colorado Rockies beat for BSN Denver. 'Shap' was discovered by a BSN Denver employee while picking a fight in Beer League Softball—despite his five-foot-three frame—earning him respect and a job. He does play-by-play on the radio for all CU games, and studied Journalism at the University of Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @Shapalicious.

  • clutch299

    Every movie I’ve ever cried in involves a dog dying. Notables include Marley, My Dog Skip and the whole Shadow’s dead psych-out at the end of Homeward Bound (spoiler alert).

    3 Dogs that you should have taken in your draft:
    1) Air Bud – I mean, c’mon, he plays sports.
    2) Chance and Shadow from Homeward Bound – They travel well, so would probably be a good road team.
    3) Einstein from Back to the Future – first time-travelling dog

    As far as football is concerned, I think the Buffs will find themselves in a position that they haven’t been in for quite some time. I could very easily see them down by a touchdown in the fourth quarter needing one last drive to win or tie the game. They were in such a position in most every game in 2015, and they came up short in just about all of them. In 2016, we haven’t seen this team in such a situation, and for some reason, I think it will come down to that, but this time, Sefo gets the monkey off his back and throws a dime to Devin Ross for the game-winning TD.

    31-28 Buffs.