In the 58th edition of the BSN Denver Colorado Buffaloes podcast Ryan Koenigsberg, Allie Monroy and Jake Shapiro discuss all the latest news from the Colorado Buffaloes. Leading off the show the trio looked at the Joe Tumpkin situation (again) and ask if it is now a scandal as well as how it may affect Mike MacIntyre. Next they reviewed a three game stretch of good hoops and were joined by head coach Tad Boyle. The group then talked a bit about spring football and the NFL Draft Combine.

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Jake Shapiro

Since he was a teenager Jake has been a credentialed reporter, now he works on the Colorado Rockies beat for BSN Denver. ‘Shap’ was discovered by a BSN Denver employee while picking a fight in Beer League Softball—despite his five-foot-three frame—earning him respect and a job. He does play-by-play on the radio for all CU games, and studied Journalism at the University of Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @Shapalicious.

  • clutch299

    Screw the Daily Camera and screw the regents. You guys are spot on that this story just keeps getting dragged out and unnecessarily so. The Daily Camera is doing their best to milk this story for every ounce that they can, because they know that controversy draws readership, but it’s becoming clear that they’re are trying to manufacture the controversy in a lot of ways. Equally responsible for this continued beating of a dead horse is the Board of Regents, specifically Jack Kroll. They are clearly jockeying for position on this upcoming vote on the amount of long-term contracts allowed to the university, and you don’t even have to read between the lines to see that. Kroll brought it up in his initial comments, so it’s pretty clear to see. That to me, is the most disappointing thing. The story has moved from doing what’s best for the victim and trying to prevent anything similar in the future to a political power struggle between the administration and the athletics department. Thanks for addressing that side of this.

    I really enjoy listening to you guys and the dynamic that you guys have with each other. It’s like you’re brothers and sister, kinda. But not actually brothers and sister, because we all know that the bond between family is different than the bond between friends; almost like how blood is thicker than water.

  • Just roaming around

    The Camera enjoys biting the hand that feeds it. Those in the know have said one if not two of the editors are outright racists, teaming with Mary Keenan to help bring down the program a decade ago. Kroll is a political troll, and Shoemaker backstabs the AD every chance she gets. One or both of them are leaks to the media, so we’ve returned to the Cindy Carlisle and blowhard Jim Martin days.