In the 51st edition of the BSN Denver Colorado Buffaloes podcast Ryan Koenigsberg, Chase Howell and Jake Shapiro discuss all the latest news from the Colorado Buffaloes. Leading off the show the guys invited Mike MacIntyre on, it didn’t go too well. They previewed the Buffs bowl game a bit and talked about the current state of the locker room. Then guys then got into segment called Alamwoah, kinda like San Antoniwoah from last week. In the third segment the boys talked some hoops and Dom Collier joined the show.

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Jake Shapiro

Since he was a teenager Jake has been a credentialed reporter, now he works on the Colorado Rockies beat for BSN Denver. ‘Shap’ was discovered by a BSN Denver employee while picking a fight in Beer League Softball—despite his five-foot-three frame—earning him respect and a job. He does play-by-play on the radio for all CU games, and studied Journalism at the University of Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @Shapalicious.

  • clutch299

    Re: MacIntyre on Clay Travis
    I have a hard time believing that Plati sent an expletive-laced email to Clay Travis, and I think Travis probably blew that whole thing out of proportion and took some cheap shots at the whole university in the process. It definitely wasn’t a good look for Mac or the University, and they shouldn’t have ever gone on with Travis, but I’m not buying this whole “Dave Plati goes off the handle” take. I imagine that most people who found themselves listening to that shortened interview probably walked away thinking “Mac shouldn’t have hung up, but Clay Travis is a douche” and I could have told you that before anyway.

    Re: McCaffery, Fournette & Linwood
    I can see both sides of the argument, but I land on the side that says “we need to restructure the college postseason to the point where everyone playing in the postseason genuinely wants to be there.” The amount of bowls has become comical. I picture the coach of say, Eastern Michigan, when looking in the eyes of a bunch of players that have probably never gone on a sweet vacation or maybe even left the country, that he can’t even keep a straight face when he inevitably tells them that their trip to the Bahamas is a “business trip”. I mean, c’mon, the bowls are about having fun and celebrating the season, and you can’t expect these bad football teams to be 100% focused when they go to Miami or the Bahamas or wherever.

    Re: Movies I’ve cried in