In the 31st edition of the BSN Denver Colorado Buffaloes podcast Ryan Koenigsberg and Jake Shapiro discuss all the latest news from the Colorado Buffaloes.

Headlining the show, the guys talk about the ACL injury to Juwann Winfree that will cost him the 2016 season. They discuss who might step up in his absence, which player(s) it impacts the most and how this could change the Buffs season.

Then in the next segment, the two look around the Pac-12 and give some quick predictions on how the season may play out for the conference. The boys include looks into which coach will be fired first, the amount of bowl teams the conference will have and who will be playing in the Pac-12 Championship.

Also included are RK and Shap’s prop bets on the Buffs.


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Audio is below:

Jake Shapiro

Since he was a teenager Jake has been a credentialed reporter, now he works on the Colorado Rockies beat for BSN Denver. ‘Shap’ was discovered by a BSN Denver employee while picking a fight in Beer League Softball—despite his five-foot-three frame—earning him respect and a job. He does play-by-play on the radio for all CU games, and studied Journalism at the University of Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @Shapalicious.

  • clutch299

    Least amount of Kool-Aid ever.

    This offseason is super weird. I can’t but my finger on it exactly, but I feel like this is the best team CU has fielded in the past 7 years or so, and yet in every other preseason, I have had more optimism than this year. I think there are a number of reasons for that: closed practices, the letdown of the Davis Webb saga, and an apparent change in the reactions of the coaching staff. But I’m tired of not pumping some Kool-Aid, so I’m going to give the 5 reasons why I think this year will be different.

    1) The schedule
    -No more 13 straight weeks
    -No opening at 11pm on the island
    -A bye week

    2) Returning starters
    18/22 offensive and defensive starters returning

    3) Returners from Injury/Suspension
    Josh Tupou, Sefo Liufau, Addison Gillam, Jeromy Irwin, KO, Shay, Ryan Moeller

    4) Leavitt running the 3-4
    Coach Leavitt likes the 3-4 more than the 4-3 and he has returning players that he can plug into that scheme. Year 2 under Leavitt should bring an additional bump in the quality of the defense.

    5) New offensive wrinkles via Chiaverini
    If the offense was completely overhauled, I wouldn’t put this as a positive, but I think Coach Chev brings just enough twists and wrinkles with him that it’s not too much for the offense to pick up seamlessly, and helps keeps drives from stalling out so often.

    I will now anxiously await the RMS and the week after when I start my season of self-loathing after everything I said was wrong and the Buffs are disappointing again.