BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Here is video of Matt Duchene walking out of Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn just a few minutes ago, talking about being traded by the Avalanche tonight to Ottawa in a three-way deal.

Adrian Dater

Adrian Dater is a staff writer with BSNDenver. He started his journalism career way, way back in 1988 as a proofreader with the Concord Monitor as a kid out of college (Keene State College), and has wended its way since with a 25-year stop at The Denver Post, 20 of which were spent as the beat writer of the Colorado Avalanche, from its inception in 1995. Adrian has also worked as a primary hockey writer with Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, The Hockey News, and Bleacher Report. He is the author of seven sports books, including the best-selling “Blood Feud: Colorado Avalanche v. Detroit Red Wings, The Inside Story of Pro Sports’ Nastiest and Best Rivalry of Its Era” and “100 Things Avalanche Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die”, which was published in October, 2016.


    Dater – you’re awesome!
    Duchene – nothing but CLASS – best of luck with the Sens

  • Av-a-dabba-doo

    Obviously I don’t know all that has gone on behind the scenes, but in this clip at least, I don’t see how Matt could’ve handled this with more class and graciousness. Speaking for myself, I feel some sadness and will miss #9.

  • Robert Ridenour

    Way to go BSN. Matt is still my favorite player. Can’t wait to see what he does with consistently top line mates. On to the next Avs chapter.

  • Avsfan2119

    Somewhat the end of an era. So much excitement when he was drafted and it just never quite worked out. Good luck Matt, thanks for the fun memories.

  • dp10

    I was at the game and I was immediately puzzled by Duchene walking off the ice with Comeau. I am really curious if a player ever got traded in the middle of a game before >> @adater…But let’s face it: it’s a lousy way to leave, and at the end I wasn’t even sad the Avs lost this contest in such a decisive fashion. With the return of prospects, maybe it’s good in the long run, but frankly i really, realky hate that he was singled out so much for the avalanche’s shortcomings in recent years! All eyes will be on #29 and #92 now for sure! Good luck to #9 and even more good luck to the Avs for hopefully not screwing this up!

  • Deplorable!!!

    Wow, I’m just so thrilled that he didn’t protest how unfair life is, and that he showed some maturity and gratitude for the gifts he’s been given. Hello, NFL!!!!

    Best of luck to Duchy. Thanks for your contributions here in Denver.

  • David Savage

    Duchene not so innocent in all of this after all, he apparently officially asked for a trade a year ago! So to act like he was offended this whole time with his name in the rumor mill is ridiculous.