BSN Media Podcast: James Palmer, the face of NFL Network in Denver

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James Palmer may be the first media member on this podcast who isn't doing his dream job. Although, once you hear what his dream job is, you may not be able to relate.

However, James is following in his Dad's footsteps. As he enters his second full season with The NFL Network, it's clear he made the right choice, even if working in the TV Business was never his goal.

Other than being from Philly, which isn't his fault, James is a great guy. While Denver may not be the dusty old cow town it once was, it's still not NYC or L.A., even so, you'd be surprised how many national media types live in and around Denver.

We're lucky James is one of those folks, and hopefully, you'll enjoy getting to know him a little better, because, he does, cover The Broncos all the time!


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