Harrison Wind recaps a significant night of NBA action and how it affects Denver’s pursuit of the eighth seed, then takes your Twitter questions on Nuggets fashion, the young talent on Denver’s roster, how Nikola Jokic ranks among the league’s rising stars, possible free-agent targets for the Nuggets, and much more.


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Harrison Wind

Harrison is a Boulder, Colorado native who graduated from CU-Boulder in 2013. He is the lead Nuggets writer for BSN Denver and has covered the team since 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @HarrisonWind

  • david 1.982k

    I’d like to see this team actually stay as intact as possible. I think Chandler, Jameer, Barton, and DA are the most expendable. I think the starting SF of the future could be Malik Beasley. Malik is crazy athletic and can shoot, he may be perfect there. That being the case, you could say the future starting 5 is already here in Murray, Harris, Beasley, Juancho, and Jokic. There’s no sense rushing into that next year though, if I can keep Gallo, I’d do it. I’d try to sign him to a frontloaded, team friendly contract down the road, and consider giving him a no trade if he’s eligible for one. I actually would kind of hate a Dwade or Milsap signing after this year. It would throw a major chemistry upheaval into a team that has at least that figured out, it seems like. Plus those guys are too old. As far as Plumlee, I wouldn’t give him over 15 million no matter what. Nurkic was basically worthless here after he started sulking, and with how loaded this team is with young guys who need PT, that Memphis pick was nearly worthless too. This team shouldn’t be trying to sign big name FA until after they win a round in the playoffs, at least one, before even seriously considering it, because as you pointed out, the Nuggets would have to overpay, probably massively being a fringe playoff team. If they want to sign FA’s they also have to make sure they keep flexibility for when Harris, Jokic, and Murray sign their deals. I think this summer is a big one for Nuggets management, I hope they keep trying to grow this team from the ground up. Unless guys like KD or Steph came calling, I doubt they’re going to get all that much better in FA right now.