On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, managing editor Drew Creasman rants for a bit on the backlash DJ LeMahieu has received in the national media after winning the National League batting title. The kinds of critiques he has been seeing are indicative of the lack of nuanced understanding often given to players who don’t play on the coasts.

After breaking down why all the arguments against LeMahieu are nonsense, Drew interviews David Dahl on his journey to the big leagues, starting with the collision just over a year ago that cost him his spleen.

Dahl talks about getting to know his MLB teammates in the offseason, struggling to find his power (and then really finding it) and shares his single favorite memory from a year that saw him accomplish so much. It might not be what you think.

Finally, he briefly discusses the basketball talents of himself and longtime friend Trevor Story. You don’t want to miss that.


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Drew Creasman is the Managing Editor of BSN Rockies and a writer at Pop Culture Spin in addition to working as a solo musician in the Denver/Boulder area. A lifelong Coloradan, Drew has always been plugged into the local sports and entertainment scene and has a healthy obsession with fact-based debate.