On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman argues that the additions of Jonathan Lucroy and Pat Neshek put Colorado in the “driver’s seat” to win the Wild Card and the play-in game. Look beyond the stats, Lucroy is a big acquisition. We dive deep into his intangibles and one offensive stat that may be the key to a late-season, Coors Field turnaround. Plus some insights provided by DJ LeMahieu, Nolan Arenado, and Jon Gray to continue some of our favorite regular themes.

Drew Creasman is the Managing Editor of BSN Rockies and a writer at Pop Culture Spin in addition to working as a solo musician in the Denver/Boulder area. A lifelong Coloradan, Drew has always been plugged into the local sports and entertainment scene and has a healthy obsession with fact-based debate.

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