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BSN Rockies Podcast: Should Colorado spend on pitching?

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On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman talks about Colorado Rockies pitching for nearly an hour.

Should the Rockies be more active on the free market searching for quality, experienced pitching? Can they afford to stand pat with the incredibly promising but very young core they've built over the last few years?

Will Tyler Chatwood and Chad Bettis take over as the veterans of the rotation or be relegated to the bullpen if the team decides to add a new piece? Is experience necessary in the rotation or is having it in the bullpen sufficient? Does fixing the bullpen fix the Rockies? Have the Rockies turned the corner when it comes to pitching development? Was "pitch to contact" ever really a thing?

And, of course, are the Chicago Cubs a legitimate comparison for how the Rockies are building?


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