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Buffs Game Grades: CU gets run over by Khalil Tate

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BOULDER - The Colorado Buffaloes fell to the Arizona Wildcats in disappointing fashion 45-42. Arizona's backup quarterback, Khalil Tate, rushed for 327 yards and 4 touchdowns on his way to victory.

How did each player perform?  Let’s find out…


Steven Montez (QB) – B-

Didn't do much to win the game but didn't do anything to lose it. Montez's offensive line wasn't giving him enough time in the pocket but it also wasn't all their fault as Montez missed a few deep balls that could've really helped them out. Montez didn't have the impact in the running game that we are used to.

Phillip Lindsay (RB) – A+

The only reason that CU was in this game for as long as they were. Ran all over Arizona's defense and couldn't be stopped.

Shay Fields (WR) – C+

I think this was one of Fields' better games of the season. He seemed to be creating more separation than he has in weeks past. He was open a few times on the fly route but Montez couldn't connect with him.

Bryce Bobo (WR) – B-

Like Fields, one of Bobo's better games of the season. We really got to see how much of a weapon Bobo is in the red zone with his two touchdowns.

Devin Ross (WR) – F

This is one of those declared as 'missing'. Ross was nowhere to be found in the entire game and wholly ineffective.

Jay MacIntyre (WR) – B+

Far and away the best receiver on the night. MacIntyre was consistently able to get open down the middle of the field and provided a nice option for Montez.

Jeromy Irwin (LT) – C+

Irwin seems like the one steady hand that the Buffs have on the offensive line. He created some big holes for Lindsay to run through although he wasn't great in pass protection.

Gerrad Kough (LG) – C

The left side of the line did a pretty nice job in this game. Kough had a couple of holding calls that set the Buffs back but other than that he did a pretty nice job.

Jonathan Huckins (C) – C-

He got beat a few times but he seems to be a major improvement since he's been healthy, especially in the run game.

Tim Lynott Jr. (RG) – C-

Lynott doesn't look like the player that he was last year and that might be due to moving him around early in the season. He got beat a few times in pass protection but he showcases his skills in the run game.

Isaac Miller (RT) – D

He was supposed to be the answer at right tackle for this Buffs team. He wasn't able to get the job done in pass protection as he was beaten repeatedly by the quicker Arizona linemen and linebackers.


 Leo Jackson III (DE) – C+

Jackson continues to be one of the only major bright spots on the defensive line. He wasn't able to make a major impact because a lot of the plays got to the second level but he was reliable when called upon.

Javier Edwards (NT) – C

Edwards went out with an injury in the 3rd quarter. He didn't have a major impact but no one on the defensive line was able to.

Derek McCartney (OLB) D+

The Buffs had a problem securing the edge against Arizona's run. A lot of that will fall on McCartney and Moeller as the guys that are supposed to secure that and make sure nobody can bounce it outside.

Drew Lewis (ILB) – D

This was an incredibly disappointing game for Lewis. He was limited in production and he would've done a great job spying Khalil Tate but he wasn't ever put in that role. He should've been the guy on this night, and just wasn't.

Rick Gamboa (ILB) – C-

He didn't have the impact that he usually does but he wasn't completely unbearable. He obviously struggled with Tate's speed but did a nice job stuffing the holes.

Ryan Moeller (Buff) – D+

Moeller continues a disappointing senior season. This was supposed to be a game where he excelled but he got manhandled on the edge and had no answer to slowing down Tate.

Afolabi Laguda (FS) – D+

Another person that struggled to slow down Arizona's quarterback. He didn't make the tackles when he needed to and couldn't stop Arizona's run game.

Evan Worthington (SS) – C-

The only reason that Worthington gets a bump over the other safeties is that he seemed like the only one that was able to track down Tate. Obviously, he struggled like the rest of CU's defense but at least he was there at times.

Isaiah Oliver (CB) Dante Wigley (CB) – C+

The cornerbacks didn't have much to do in this game that's why I grouped them together. They did their job but they also weren't able to help slow down Arizona's quarterback.

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