Colorado collapses late, crushed by Philly 10-3

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Flesch-Law-Recap-DENVER -- The Colorado Rockies continued to create little contact, coming up catatonic against the Phillies at Coors. Confounding all common sense, the capable offense when clicking were instead caught cringing on countless Zack Eflin pitches. The crew from the cradle of the country's creation, on the contrary, crushed and cranked to an 11-3 victory in the contest.

Catcher Nick Hundley joined second baseman DJ LeMahieu and center fielder Charlie Blackmon in the multiple hit category, the only three Rockies to accrue such consistent contact. The Rockies final run came when Carlos Gonzalez catapulted a comet into the third deck in the bottom of the eighth. Still the King of Crush.

Trevor Story, with a double into the corner, took sole control of the record for extra-base hits by a rookie in a first half.

They say that contact is contagious, well, apparently so is catching a cold. And lately, Colorado has been cold. (The offense, not the climate.)

Tyler Chatwood couldn't get a call on the corner but also couldn't quite find full confidence inside the strike zone. He surrendered a quartet of runs in a quintet of innings ... on eight hits. He struck out two and walked three.

The clash was still concretely close when Jake McGee contorted a cutter to Cameron Rupp that seemed to climb the center field barricade and crash into the pond beyond to cut out the concept a Rockies comeback.

Jason Motte carried on the rhythm left by McGee and deserves some credit for the commotion. It was a complete team catastrophe; a collapse caused by an acclimation of cursed execution.

The chorus of boos careened off the walls of Coors as a close game became calamitous and the Phillies cruised past the Rockies to a 10-3 win.

Lasting Impact

This kind of loss is one big, gigantic, humongous symbol that the Rockies just aren't quite ready yet. They're too young and/or inexperienced and/or just not quite talented enough as currently constituted. This ought to signal the beginning of some selling off of veteran players in exchange for financial flexibility and younger talent.

That doesn't necessarily mean the team has to go full-tilt and sell off Carlos Gonzalez (though, they should absolutely be exploring that) but that they should recognize that their chance to sneak into the playoffs this season has almost assuredly passed them by and that it is now time to put 2017 and beyond as the primary focus in the team-building department.

If Colorado is committed to consistent winning they need to get creative.

What's Next

It's the All-Star break! Whew. We made it. Other than Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez, the Rockies are off until July, 15th when they resume play against the Atlanta Braves. Pitchers are yet to be set in stone though the Rockies have announced that Jorge De La Rosa will lead the rotation out of the break.


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