Colorado Rockies Hit of the Week: Storyslam 2017

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For the inaugural edition of the Colorado Rockies Hit of the Week, we look back exactly seven days ago to April 21, 2017, and the big swing that took the Rockies from a three-run deficit to a one-run lead.

In the bottom of the fourth, the slumping Trevor Story came to the plate with the bases loaded and Colorado down 3-0, facing San Francisco Giants veteran Johnny Cueto. Story went down and got a low fastball, hammering it over the out-of-town scoreboard, putting the Rockies up 4-3.


Story is hitting .250 the last week with a pair of home runs and eight RBI but he had arguably the single most important swing of that timeframe. And because of that, he earns our very first "Laying the Wood" Hit of the Week honors.

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