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Colorado Rockies invent new ways to blow baseball games


Want to know what happened in the Colorado Rockies game on Saturday night? Click on the archives section, head back to anytime in August of 2014, 2013 or 2012 and read. With the substitution of a few names, the story is the exact same.

Different year, same story for the Rockies.

In the early going of the Rockies 2015 season, things seemed different. Not different in a contention kind of way, but rather in a way that instead of rolling over when things got bad, they would fight back. They didn't necessarily win every game, but they wouldn't just give in. They were believing that they could win.

Very quickly, however, things have shifted. Instead of playing team baseball and winning or losing as a team, the Rockies have regressed to playing selfishly and punching the time clock. Instead of playing towards the goal of doing what it takes to become a better team, the Rockies have started doing just enough to say that they showed up.

On Friday night it was another example of calling it an early night. The Rockies scored three early runs and shut it down. They didn't keep piling it on. They didn't keep playing hard. They played the rest of the game as if they had already done their job and didn't need to keep working hard.

At some point, finding a new twist or spin on this Rockies team is impossible.

There could be plenty of criticism thrown in Walt Weiss' direction. There were plenty of moves that had Rockies fans scratching their heads, wondering how Weiss could even consider the moves that he was making. It would be easy to point out several of those decisions. However, at some point, it simply doesn't matter anymore. It isn't worth pointing out the small issues because the issues with this club are so deep. The issues go well beyond the day-in and day-out decisions that Walt Weiss has to make.

The Rockies are in such a bad place, with no end in sight. At some point, the Rockies have to figure out an identity. They must decide who they are going to be. Are they going to be a perennial door mat for the rest of the league, or are they going to force themselves to be a team that actually has a chance to win every single day?

For fans, it isn't easy. It is going to take time to get things going in the right direction. That isn't fun. However, the journey should make it worthwhile. When the Rockies are good again, fans will be glad that they were there during the bad times. The struggles will make the good times that much more enjoyable. Until then, however, the Rockies are a tough team to watch.


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