Colorado Rockies out to prove that they can lose 100

This team may not win again in 2012.

Waiting for the end of the 2012 baseball season is similar to a kid waiting for Christmas. The fact is, it will eventually come, however, it just can't come soon enough.

The Rockies did it again on Sunday, losing to the Diamondbacks 10-7 in a slugfest that got ugly late, when the Rockies decided it was a good idea to continue to let Matt Belisle pitch seemingly every single day.

The right-hander has been nothing short of a God-send for the Rockies. His performance from any role in the bullpen that the club has asked of him has been great. He is as solid as they get. However, in a season that has been as bad as this Rockies season, plus the club throwing out a bullpen-killing 75-pitch limit on their starting pitchers, Belisle has been asked to throw far too many innings.

Belisle gave up three runs in his one inning of work, all of which scored on a blast off the bat of Aaron Hill, who launched a hanging curveball into the left field seats.

After the game, the nonsense continued, as Jim Tracy told the media that he was very happy with the effort from the club and that he thought they played pretty well overall. Those words are worse than salt in a wound for a Rockies fan at this point. Since when has giving up six runs in the final two innings constituted good effort? Of course Belisle shouldn't be blamed for the workload that he has been forced to take on, but the words out of Tracy's mouth make it sound like he is quite content with a team that is one loss away from setting a franchise record for losses, and six losses away from losing 100 games for the first time in franchise history.

With nine consecutive losses under their belt, and playing baseball as if they would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else, the Rockies could easily eclipse the 100 loss mark. They almost certainly will if the Dodgers are still in the Wild Card hunt next weekend in Los Angeles. The way this club is playing, no one would probably be all that surprised if they didn't win another game. Seriously.

If it wasn't bad enough for these Rockies, they have lost their one bit of silver lining heading into the end of a miserable season. Two weeks ago, the team could have sold it's fans on the idea that their youth was coming around and that they could possibly bounce right back into respectability in 2013. They were playing hard, they were playing well, but the experience just wasn't there.

Over the course of the last week and a half, the misery that is the Rockies 2012 season has only been highlighted. Constant excuses from the manager, poor play in nearly every aspect of the game, and all around bad baseball has been the overriding theme for Colorado in 2012.

There is no way that this management team should get a free pass. There is no way that anyone who is in any kind of decision-making role should retain their job after this debacle. If it is this impossible to motivate a team that frankly, isn't this bad, then it is time to mix the whole thing up. It might be too hard to pinpoint exactly where the disconnect is, so may as well start over completely.

This season has been brutal for the Rockies, a complete embarrassment. The only thing that could be more embarrassing is if they do nothing about it.

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