Colorado Rockies Top 25 Under 25: No. 4: Trevor Story

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Welcome to the BSN Denver Colorado Rockies Top 25 Under 25 where we will rank the organization’s best players who will be 25 years-old or younger on Opening Day 2017.

Our parameters for this list may be different than others it resembles so let us be clear about them:

  1. The list was created entirely by the BSN Rockies staff and had no other input from any outside sources.
  2. While giving credit for overall (or trade) value, we prioritized an ability to help the MLB club win immediately.
  3. In accordance with this, we also prioritized players with fewer question marks but potentially lower ceilings.
  4. Statistics were considered on an equal level with scouting reports in addition to our own field reporting.

Our observations come through a combination of spending parts of each of the past four (going on five) seasons on the ground on the backfields at spring training and through our regular reporting from Rookie Level Grand Junction, talking to coaches, scouts, and journalists both on and off the record. Of course, countless hours are spent on MiLB.tv and combing over public reports from other credible sources.

No. 4: Trevor Story, SS (23)


Story may be a prime candidate to see his absurd home run rate from a year ago come back to Earth a bit, but it should also be noted that some of the skills he was known for in the minors, never really showed up in a big or consistent way once he reached MLB.

He was so busy hitting doubles and home runs, he was rarely in a position to steal a base where it would make any sense, but that something he has been good at in his career. And while he flashed it at times, he has been a more consistent defender in the minors, and he should continue to develop on that side of the ball.

But, of course, at this point all anyone really wants to know is if the ... sigh ... big story ... from a year ago is going to continue to be one of the most exciting players in the league. Who knows? It's incredibly unlikely he repeats his hot start or anything like it. On the other hand, he has hit four home runs -- pacing the club -- in just 29 at-bats this spring. Soooooo ... maybe he just does that?

If this is his actual home run rate, it will look silly still having him at just fourth on our list. If he keeps slugging over .550, you can live with the high strikeout numbers. In fact, you don't want him to change his approach as long as he keeps producing runs at this rate.

Last season, Fangraphs stats marked the Rockies shortstop as a positive baserunner, defender, and (of course) hitter, and he managed to keep a pretty consistent month-to-month wRC+. The strikeouts can be frustrating, but at least (so far) he hasn't let them throw off the rest of his game.

The feast or famine mode could force him a little lower in the lineup than other potential 30-home-run hitters might be but right now at this very minute, Story looks like he is who we thought he was; very, very good.

If Trevor Story reaches his full potential, the Rockies could well have Troy Tulowitzki 2.0 on their hands. The defense will probably never be quite that good, but the general idea of having a shortstop who can hit 30 home runs and also contribute on defense and on the bases gives the Rockies a massive competitive advantage.

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