Colorado Rockies Trevor Story named NL Rookie of the Month

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The chances that you are reading this and have never heard of Trevor Story are very slim. The Colorado Rockies' rookie shortstop has taken MLB and the general sports landscape by storm in his first month. Breaking and tying numerous records for home runs, Story has turned a spot on the team that was a huge question mark after the departure of Troy Tulowitzki into one of the Top 3 reasons to watch the Colorado Rockies.

Story's historic month has brough plenty of punnery and criticism of his addmitedly high (36.4 percent) strikeout rate, but one cannot argue with the results he has induced thus far when he does make contact.

He is slashing .247/.308/.660 with 10 HR, 20 RBI, and three triples. His wRC+ which also accounts for Coors Field is 131, meaning that he has been 31 percent better than the MLB-average hitter in 2016.

In his last game of the month, Story came through in a clutch, ninth-inning-game-tied situation with an opposite field triple, showcasing an early adjustment.

He has looked shaky at times on defense but also shown off a great deal of ability and potential with the leather, flashing a few web gems including one potential game-saver.

Rockies fans have been reminded a few times that this is unlikely to continue, but it sure has been a fascinating development less than a year after so many featherss were ruffled over the Tulo deal. The two aren't directly related, they just happen to play the same position. But getting Rookie-of-the-Month caliber production there while Jeff Hoffman excels in Triple-A and Miguel Castro showed so much promise early has meant very little yearning for the days of yore.



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