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CU Buffs get a feel-good victory at home


BOULDER- Highlighted by another dominant performance on the ground and a stingy defense, the Colorado Buffaloes stormed to a 48-0 victory over the Colonels of Nichols State on Saturday afternoon at Folsom Field.

"It doesn't get any more beautiful than a Saturday afternoon like that," head coach Mike MacIntyre said after the game. "We always talk about starting fast at Folsom and they did just that... The way they started showed they were ready to play and that was exciting for us to see."

Led by Phillip Lindsay, who had 17 carries for 113 yards and, a career high, two touchdowns, the Buffs amassed a total of 358 rushing yards on the day, marking the first time Colorado has gone over 300 rushing yards twice in a season since 2002.

"What a tough young man," MacIntyre said of Lindsay. "He hurt his ribs last week and we didn't hit him all week, then he goes out there and gives it everything he's got. The 'Tasmanian Devil,' he gets it done."

You could tell from the first drive, when the Buffaloes went 70 yards on 6 plays in 1:29, that it wasn't going to be pretty for the Colonels, Christian Powell beating them to the corner, and Nelson Spruce catching balls with nobody within 10 yards of him, and the pattern held true all day.

It a game where the biggest story lines quickly became those of the feel good variety, and the Buffs gave us plenty.

First it was Jay MacIntyre, son of head coach Mike, getting his first catch, and his first touchdown on the same play. Sefo found "JayMac" wide open near the right sidelines, and Jay made a nifty move back into the middle to get the score.

"The feeling was one of the greatest feelings I've ever had," Jay said with an ear-to-ear smile that stayed on his face throughout the press conference. "I've always looked up to players that my dad coached; I wanted that first reception and when I scored it was exhilarating. I feel like my whole family is going to be pretty pumped."

On top of it being his first catch and first touchdown, the play got a bit of a monkey off of Jay's back, one that had been there since he dropped a chance at his first catch on a crucial third down in Hawaii.

"It was really tough, just the whole Hawaii game in general," the younger MacIntyre explained. "If we would have won [the drop] wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but I put a lot of pressure on myself if I drop a ball or something like that, getting my first catch today just kind of got that out of my head, and I was able to play free."

Next on the list of guys-who-helped-writers-come-up-with-things-to-write-about-today was Jered Bell. Bell, a sixth-year senior who has torn both of his ACLs, was flying around out there like a true freshman today, and plucked two interceptions in the process.

"Oh man, it's a great feeling," Bell said to the media after the game. "Coach Leavitt always preaches that we need takeaways in order to go the places we want to go, so that's one thing we really stress in practice every day."

"It was awesome," added MacIntyre of Bell's performance. "I'm really happy for Jared, really, really happy."

Bell, who now leads the team in interceptions, said his younger teammates will definitely hear about it.

"I will rub it in whenever I can," he said with a laugh. "But everyone is going to go out there and expect someone else to take the lead next week, it's going to be a constant battle within the defense."

Finally, it was Nelson Spruce adding to the story-lines, by setting yet another record. This time it was the all-time receiving yards list that Nelson put his name atop , passing Scotty McKnight, Rae Caruth and Michael Westbrook on the day to set the new mark of 2,570 career yards.

"It's awesome," Spruce said. "Just like the receptions record I got earlier, it's something you start your career aiming for and to keep working and ventrally get it is great. it's cool to see all of that hard work pay off."

It was a day where anybody in black and gold left Folsom Field with smiles on their faces, walk-on tailback Kyle Evans got his first career touchdown, tight-end Chris Hill got his first career reception, quarterback Cade Apsay, tight end Brian Boatman, fullback John Finch, defensive end Garett Gregory and defensive lineman Blake Robbins all saw their first career action. A day that can do wonders for team morale.

In the end, it was a day that saw the Colorado Buffaloes become a 3-1 football club heading into conference play, a day that saw them nab their first three game winning streak since 2008 and their first shutout since 2009 and more than anything, a day where the Buffs learned a little more about winning.


Jay MacIntyre on the game:

"The win is the biggest thing, that's why I'm here, to help my dad win games. One game at a time we need to keep winning."

On the play that led to his first TD:

"I was pretty sure [I would be open], the way their coverage was, and the way we ran that play all week, it was always pretty open. I was just hoping I would catch it, I knew I was going to catch it, but then I was hoping those guys would miss me, which they did. I was a good feeling, it was awesome."

On coming back from his ankle injury suffered in camp:

"It took a while, where [the injury], every time I run on it it kind of strains it even more, so that was really frustrating, but i just kept on doing treatment more and more and today was just awesome to see my ankle doing well, I tweaked it a little bit, but then it was fine, it was awesome."

Jered Bell on blanking the Colonels:

"It's the best feeling ever."

On if he was worried about how his knee would hold up this year:

"This year I am not worried about my knee at all. I worked hard this off-season to get back to where I am. I just don't worry about it. It's stronger than the first time around when I tore my last one, I am really confident this year."

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