Demaryius Thomas: Broncos’ offense can be “way better” than last year

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Denver Broncos star receiver Demaryius Thomas is ready for a bounce-back season as is the entire offense. No quarterback battle or game-changing defense of going to change that. The team won Super Bowl 50 in spite of their cringe-worthy offense, and they are ready to change that.

“We can be very good,” said Thomas. “We just have to put in the work day in and day out. We have to get better every week. Every week we play we can always improve on something. Everybody is going to have each other’s back and our defense is going to push us. We can be way better than we were last year.”

Thomas is also trying to improve on a 2015 season in which his statistics were good but his playoff impact and larger-than-usual number of drops wasn’t good enough for the towering receiver.

“Individually, I want to be better than I was last year,” Thomas explained. “I can’t say I was bad, but I left plays out on the field that I could have done better. It’s basically just doing better than I did last year and being a leader to the guys that are going to be looking to me to get this offense rolling.”

DT’s season has already been drastically different from last year’s; he hasn’t had to deal with contract negotiations, has entirely different quarterbacks, and won’t be dealing with any family matters.

“It’s kind of the same, it’s just more repetitions,” explained Thomas about the differences from last offseason. “I was here for OTAs. I was here for minicamp and the whole training camp, being healthy. I was in the meeting rooms to see everything. It’s kind of the same, just more repetitious. Guys are buying in, and we’re getting it rolling.”

Starting off preseason with a long touchdown on the opening drive, Thomas is already reaping the benefits of his full offseasons work. Having another season in Gary Kubiak's offense should pay dividends for the Broncos receiver as well.

With an increased leadership role, Thomas also spoke on the team spirit and competition that goes into a joint- practice.

“You’re trying to compete against guys that are not on your team,” said the Georgia Tech product. “You’re trying to look good on film for the coaches. You’re trying to fight for your brother. It’s both ways. I can’t say there isn’t a point for what the fights are. You will never see me fighting. I just do my talking on the field.”

While DT had spoken on wanting a decision made on the quarterback as soon as possible at the beginning of training camp, he doesn’t seem to be in such a hurry now. With a comfort level developing with both quarterbacks competing for the starting job, the urgency has decreased.

“When we’re on the field with Mark [Sanchez] or when we’re on the field with Trevor [Siemian],” explained No. 88. “The ball is moving. It’s Coach [Kubiak’s] decision. I think he is going to make the right one. I feel like both of them are ready. You still have Paxton coming up, so you never know what’ll happen.”

Explaining further, Thomas has found a certain familiarity with all three quarterbacks in the way they throw.

“The three guys we have now are very similar,” said DT. “Paxton [Lynch] has a little more fire on his ball, but all of them are catchable and are easy to catch. It’s not a big problem with those guys.”

In what he’s hoping will be a much more impactful season, Thomas has been able to stay healthy and practice all-out. He’s already been making plays in practice and did his part in the preseason. Things would suggest that he’ll be back to his All-Pro standards in 2016.

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