SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Ryan Koenigsberg and Allie Monroy break down the Denver Broncos and 49ers second of two joint practices.

The two get into the quarterback battle, what to expect in the game and much more.

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Allie Monroy
  • I’m disappointed that no mention was made about how many of Paxton’s throws came with the second team vs. the first. I noted that Coach Joseph was pleased by how much more intensity the Broncos had Thursday. I assume that came from the first team, led by Trevor. Wed., a slow start and Paxton was leading the first team. That’s the kind of thing that bothers me, more than whether or not he can string a lot of throws together. Remember, Elway selected Joseph as coach because he was such a great leader of men. Can we say Paxton is a great leader of men? Do his teammates respond to him? And what about recognizing defensive schemes and putting the offense into the right plays? Does he know enough yet to do that? I think there’s so much more to the job than “he’s so athletic.” If that’s all that mattered, Manzel would still be playing, Ryan Leaf would have Hall of Fame stats instead of a flame out career.

    • Ryan Koenigsberg

      Hey Rebecca, Paxton’s good throws came with both teams, not just the second. The two usually rotate throughout the practice. In this case, Trevor had his first throw come with the ones but Paxton took the next three reps with the ones.

      As for being a ‘leader of men,’ I think Trevor does well in that role but he’s certainly not a big ‘rah rah’ leader. As for Paxton, he sort of has that ‘one-of-the-guys’ leadership that Von also brings to the table.

      Obviously, Trevor is more advanced in reading defenses and making calls at the line right now. it’s something that Paxton definitely needs to work on.

      Let’s see if 12 can put it out on the field tomorrow. If not, these last two days are moot, imo.

      • Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate the extra info. Gives me a better perspective. So eager for tonight’s game.