Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released their projected 2017-18 regular season win totals for the NBA Tuesday and predicted the Denver Nuggets to finish sixth in the Western Conference. Denver is projected by the Vegas Wise Guys to win 45.5 games.

These odds are designed to get equal money and make bettors wagering on both the wins and losses and are not supposed to be an exact prediction of how Vegas thinks each team will finish. Still, these totals are usually a good indicator of how Vegas sees the regular season playing out.

Here’s how Westgate projects both conferences to finish:

Last season the Nuggets beat their projected win total of 34.5 by 5.5 games and finished with a 40-42 record. Two years ago, they ended the year six games above the 27-win mark Vegas pegged for them.

Denver is also -360 to make the playoffs and have 7/2 odds to win a stacked Northwest Division. Westgate has the Nuggets as the third-most likely team to win that division behind the Thunder (5/4), Timberwolves (2/1) and above the Trailblazers (12/1) and Jazz (25/1).

Harrison Wind

Harrison is a Boulder, Colorado native who graduated from CU-Boulder in 2013. He is the lead Nuggets writer for BSN Denver and has covered the team since 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @HarrisonWind