Meet the local prospect who calls himself “the best running back” in the 2017 Draft

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As the Denver Broncos figure out the best plan of action in improving their roster for the 2017 season, a big part of it will come down to maximizing the 10 draft picks the team has in the upcoming draft.

One prerogative is adding more talent on offense a unit that outside of its two-star receivers has looked average or below in far too many sectors. As that process takes shape, the Broncos are doing their due diligence on several prospects through interviews, including a group of intriguing running backs who could be immediate contributors while still being around on the second day of the draft.

One of those backs is Brian Hill out of Wyoming, who’s coming off of a 22 touchdown year, helping lead the Cowboys to one of their best seasons in decades.

“Meeting with the Broncos coaches was a great feeling, you know a lot of our Wyoming fans are big Broncos fans, and I know how much that would mean to them just for me to be on that team,” explained Hill. “But it would mean a lot to me too to be on any team. I had a good vibe with the coaches... so we’ll see on draft day.”

One thing Hill made clear was that while he’d love to play in Denver, he just wants to play anywhere. And he's even less concerned as to where he’ll be drafted.

"I tell my agent not to even talk to me about those things," he said plainly. "I just want to focus on grinding and being the best me that I can be going into camp.”

What he was interested in is letting people know where he fits into this deep running back class.

“Honestly, if I’m giving a scouting report on myself I’m going to say; I’m the best running back in this class,” said the powerful back, unprompted. “I have the hands, I run the ball well, and I’m really active in the pass protection game. And I’m one of the few all-around backs in the draft class.”

It’s hard to argue with Hill on his well-rounded skill set and how it separates him from the pack. At 6-foot-1 and 219 pounds, he’s big and powerful but is also a fairly nimble mover, showing off quick feet and impressive agility in drills during his pro day last week. He also possesses stand out vision and patience which combined with his deceptive 4.54 speed make him a constant danger. Hill also has the rare distinction of being one of only five FBS players to have 200 yards rushing and 100 receiving in the same game (387 total yards against Fresno State in 2015). Though, what stands out most when studying film of Hill’s is how he consistently churns out extra yards after contact.

“That’s just the fight…” explained Hill in what drives him to create extra yardage every time he’s hit. “I’m a competitor I want to win every competition no matter if it’s Madden, pick up basketball or football I want to win and I hate losing. Every time I do something I want to give it my all.”

The Wyoming star is ready for the big time and has the NFL package to succeed at the next level. No wonder the Broncos—and by Hill’s admission every other team multiple times— are interested in finding out more about the young man.

While he might not be a household name or the electric game breaker that some would like to see bring a spark in Denver, Hill is a no-nonsense back who could greatly assist in the short yardage run game and give the Broncos more power and depth. Time will tell, but with 10 picks available Hill could be one of the men chosen to bring the run back to the Mile High City.

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