CSU Rams

Must-see video: Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins ridiculous celebration dance

Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins balled out on Saturday.

In San Antonio, the Mesquite, Texas native had many fans in the stands, including his mom, high school coaches and lifelong friends. Higgins hoped to show out for his mom, which he did, with five catches for 103 yards and a touchdown.

“I tried my hardest to just put out for my state,” Higgins said after the Rams' 33-31 win over UTSA. “It felt good just playing in front of my mom. That was her first game that she has ever been able to make. It felt good [to play in front of her] and I just tried my best to get in that end zone for her.”

His mom didn't just notice, so did NBA player DeAndre Jordan, who is the older brother of Rams offensive lineman Brett Jordan.


And receiver/kick returner Deionte Gaines shot a little video of “Hollywood” Higgins doing his celebration dance you've got to see.


“Hollywood” and his teammates are having fun, it's evident to see. And the must-win game they followed through on Saturday evens the Rams' record back up at 2-2.

Higgins wasn't the only Rams player to go off, Jasen Oden carried the Rams to victory on the ground and the defense stepped up to make multiple big plays, too.

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