Nuggets Film Room: Jamal Murray’s cut engineers a Gary Harris three

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The Denver Nuggets 122-104 win over the Brooklyn Nets wasn't the prettiest 48 minutes of basketball, but in the end, the Nuggets got the win over an undermanned Nets' squad. And even though Denver's offense wasn't operating at peak performance, other than Nikola Jokic who registered a career-high 41 points, the Nuggets put together a few impressive sequences throughout the night on that end of the floor.

One of which came on this Gary Harris three roughly seven-and-a-half minutes into the game.

Like many of Denver's possessions from Tuesday night's win, this one took a few passes to really get going. But once Wilson Chandler enters the ball to Jokic on the right block, the Nuggets' wheels start to turn.

Before Jokic even catches Chandler's pass, Jamal Murray is already in motion and starting his cut towards the hoop and right as Allen Crabbe's head turns towards Jokic and the ball and loses sight of Murray, the 21-year-old darts in between Crabbe and Joe Harris and flashes to the ball.Because Crabbe is late recognizing Murray's cut, Joe Harris, who guarding Gary Harris on the weak side, has to slide down and check Murray to prevent the layup. That frees Harris up for the open wing three. D'Angelo Russell can't recover in time and Harris, the 47 percent shooter from three this season, finds the bottom of the net.Harris gets Harris gets the three points next to his name in the box score, but give Murray most of the credit for Denver's basket.

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