After a breakout performance that has everyone in Broncos Country excited for the future—maybe even the present—Paxton Lynch is staying cool.

While the big story coming out of Saturday’s preseason game is the play of the big rookie, Lynch has been confident all along. Even though some are just now beginning to champion Lynch as a candidate for the starting job, the first-year signal-caller has maintained that attitude since he touched down in Denver.

“I always believed that I was,” said Paxton about competing for the starting job. “No matter what the situation was. Like I said from Day one, I’m confident that I have an opportunity to make the best of this opportunity and that’s what I’ve been doing. Those guys have been playing well too in front of me so we’re going to keep going and I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

Lynch’s confidence is impossible to miss on the field, whether it’s in his celebrations or his belief in his arm and athleticism. That confidence can be heard any time he talks.

“When I’m out there on the field, I’m trying to score every single time that I touch the ball,” said the Memphis product. “Every time that I have an opportunity to make a play, I try to. I just wanted to get the first down more than he wanted to tackle me.”

Even with the competition, things have remained civil between the three quarterbacks. Surprisingly, Lynch’s attitude is something that he says he’s been able to pick up from his direct competitors.

“Just their confidence and how calm, collected and cool they are out there on the field,” he said. “They’re in control of the game and can move their guys up and down the field. It’s interesting to see those guys react to when they struggle. You just have to shrug it off and keep moving because you have to keep playing the game. That’s one thing that I really pay attention to when I’m out there.”

While Lynch is still raw in his decision making, it’s those high-level raw skills that have made him such an enticing choice. Especially as an athlete, whether it be escaping pressure or throwing on the run the young rookie has impressed.

“I just have done it so much,” said Lynch about making plays with his feet. “It’s just how I played since I was in high school, getting out of the pocket and using my athletic ability to my advantage. It’s definitely something that stuck with me so whenever I get the opportunity to do it; I’m not scared to do that.”

Coming from a high tempo spread offense in Memphis, Lynch has had to make quite a few adjustments. However, his athletic skills and ability to throw on the run do play Gary Kubiak’s offensive philosophy.

“That’s one thing that I was really excited about when I got into the offense,” explained Lynch. “They like to move their quarterback around and give them opportunities outside of the pocket. I feel like that fits into my strong suit so whenever [Kubiak] calls plays like that, I just have to show that I can be trusted.”

As he’s finding more comfort in the offense, Lynch is showing glimpses of greatness, something that’s made him a true candidate for the Broncos job. Now he just needs to show those same flashes against first team defenses.

For a complete breakdown of Paxton’s performance Saturday night as well as his direct competition click here.

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