Peyton Manning talks Brady apology, impressed with Cody Latimer


The NFL's biggest offseason story continues to be deflate gate and the ongoing battle between the NFL and Tom Brady. Even Peyton Manning cant get away from it.

In his first presser since the opening of training camp, Manning was asked about Brady's private emails that were released publicly last week where Brady speculated how much longer Manning would be in the NFL. "Everyone's been speculating that for a long time, he's joining the list of everybody doing that. Tom sent me an apology text that was unnecessary, the fact that his emails got released doesn't make a lot of sense to me. No harm, no foul and I didn't think a lot of it."

Many Broncos fans jumped to the defense of their quarterback when the email first hit the public but Manning downplayed the comments. "People said I was "roasted", Ive been roasted before, believe me that wasn't a roast. That Email was amateur night compared to what people have said about me."

Manning has bigger things to focus on as the Broncos open up the preseason Friday night in Seattle. Although there isn't a clear idea of how much he will play, Peyton will surely be prepared for anything. "I think you always like to be in there. When the coach tells us how much you're going to go, you accept that but you go through pre-game warm ups as if you're going to play the whole game. That's how you have to approach it mentally."

Peyton brought up working with new players and how pre-season is a time that you want to be out there to work things out with them. I asked Manning about his impressions he's gotten with the extra time he's worked with second year wideout Cody Latimer with Demaryius Thomas being limited early on in camp. "I think he's just continues to make progress, I think he's just been working on his craft and working on his routes and techniques and making them all look the same and being a real technician, Peyton said." He added, "Especially late in practice, late in the games, making sure your routes are just as good in the fourth quarter as they are in the first quarter. He's working really hard and I think he's doing a good job."



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