BOULDER – Day three of fall camp is in the books for the Colorado Buffaloes, who continue to prepare for the 2017 season. Our photographer was there to capture all of the action today.

Credit all photos: Sam Weaver, BSN Denver

Running back (23) Phil Lindsay finishes a drill in fall camp.
(4) Bryce Bobo grabs a pass and jogs out of bounds.
(19) Michael Adkins and (23) Phil Lindsay work together.
(91) Eddy Lopez and (5) George Frazier face off in drills.
(19) Michael Adkins at fall camp.
Cornerbacks (14) Chris Miller and (26) Isaiah Oliver face off.
The offensive linemen run drills during fall camp.
(9) Juwann Winfree catches a pass during fall camp.
(9) Juwann Winfree and (2) Devin Ross line up to run routes.
(12) Steven Montez waits for the next drill at fall camp.
(4) Bryce Bobo watches practice.
(5) George Frazier and (91) Eddy Lopez work with the other tight ends.
Tight ends, receivers and quarterbacks run drills with the Rocky Mountains in the background.
Running backs (23) Phil Lindsay and (19) Michael Adkins at fall camp.
(4) Bryce Bobo, (89) Kevin Dement, (84) Cameron Frazier and (3) Laviska Sheanault Jr. watch their fellow receivers.
(23) Phil Lindsay completes a drill.
(2) Devin Ross and (9) Juwann Winfree high five after a drill.
(9) Juwann Winfree and (4) Bryce Bobo watch receiving drills.
(23) Phil Lindsay watches running back drills.
(4) Bryce Bobo at fall camp.
(9) Juwann Winfree watches receiving drills.

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Sam is a sports writer and photographer from Austin, Texas. She covers the Colorado Buffaloes for BSN Denver and the NFL for SB Nation. Twitter and Instagram: @SamanthaNWeaver