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According to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Hawks have taken Paul Millsap off the trade block and are no longer shopping the three-time All-Star, reversing course from just four days ago when Atlanta was “engaged in discussions with several teams” about a potential Millsap trade.

Wojnarowski also reports that Atlanta is “determined to compete in the Eastern Conference,” and is no longer looking to unload assets.

This quick change of heart from the Hawks is surprising. Atlanta just completed a deal that sent Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers, the first of what many around the league thought would be a series of moves from the Hawks who were likely looking to rebuild and get back to their core principles of player development.

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However, six-straight wins, against Detroit, San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, and Dallas, has apparently convinced Atlanta, for the time being, that they’re not ready for a rebuild quite yet. The Hawks are 8-2 in their last ten and currently occupy the Eastern Conference’s fourth seed. Atlanta may have also never received an offer they liked or felt was a substantial return for Millsap over the course of this past week, but that’s pure speculation at this point.

Denver was interested in Millsap’s services this go-around after nearly acquiring him last year in a package that was reportedly centered around Kenneth Faried and draft pick(s). The Nuggets were engaged with the Hawks in trade talks for Millsap that may have involved Jusuf Nurkic, who Denver was “openly shopping,” according to Marc Stein of ESPN.com, late last week.

For now, it appears that Millsap is off the market, but a lot can change from now until the league’s trade deadline in mid-February. It wouldn’t be surprising if Atlanta reengages about a potential Millsap trade as the deadline inches closer.

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Harrison Wind

Harrison is a Boulder, Colorado native who graduated from CU-Boulder in 2013. He is the lead Nuggets writer for BSN Denver and has covered the team since 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @HarrisonWind

  • Charliemyboy

    Atlanta shouldn’t be able to resist Faried, Nurk and a first round pick. Or, keep Nurk and give them, ouch, Gallo or Barton and a first round.

    If we keep Nurk, go even with him for Noel and we will have the back up and rim protector, and Millsap, a top 15 player still in his prime. The team will do well with Jokic and hopefully Millsap will stay. He grew up in Colorado, you know.

    The best trade would be to do what it takes to get George Paul and Millsap. Just keep Jokic, Murray, Chandler…

    Murray should start to wake Mudiay up and see if he does or doesn’t have it.