Rock Bottom: Colorado Rockies swept by Diamondbacks after barely showing up

Walt Weiss is figuring out how difficult a 162 game schedule is.

Blake Street Bullies?

After watching the Colorado Rockies score a grand total of two runs in three games against a team that leads the division that the Rockies are vying for, the title that manager Walt Weiss dubbed his team during spring training seems like an absolute joke.

Getting swept is one thing, getting swept while scoring only two runs is another thing, but getting swept while looking lifeless, completely uninterested, and defeated before the games started is a whole different story. The Rockies showed up in Phoenix, but did little else to show anyone that they are anything close to a serious contender. The scary thing for the Rockies is the fact that they looked far more like the 2012 version of themselves than the team that looks like it tricked their fans into believing that they had a chance to play in October.

On Sunday it was Patrick Corbin's turn to win the easiest game of his short career. The three Diamondbacks starters over the weekend are all very talented, but the Rockies successfully made them look like the best rotation in the history of the game.

The Rockies did themselves a huge disservice. If they actually do want to contend, they must change their mindset and reverse the way they have been playing for a full month in the next few days. If they continue to play with no energy, the All-Star Game may as well be the end of the line for pretending that the 2013 Rockies campaign is anymore than a season to get prospects some big league time and make the team better for 2014.

The reality is, it would be very difficult to find a three game series in Rockies history that went worse than the one that they just completed. If there is one somewhere in the annuls, it couldn't be too much worse.

Is there room to suggest that this might be an aberration? Of course. The Rockies are currently missing Troy Tulowitzki and Dexter Fowler. Both of those guys were their main run producers throughout the first two months. Without them on the field, the lineup takes on a whole new complexion, and so far, it isn't a very good one.

It doesn't help that the Rockies replacements aren't playing the way that they are capable of. Tyler Colvin, filling the gap in centerfield, is lost at the plate. He is dreaming of the Mendoza line, hitting .162. Josh Rutledge showed up in 2012 looking like an everyday player at the big league level. In 2013, he is hitting a whopping .216.

The Rockies are hurting, there is no way around that. However, the injury excuse isn't going to fly with Rockies fans this year. That tired reason was used over and over a year ago. The reality is, it is the responsibility of the front office to build a team that is capable of throwing players on the field to fill in who are capable of winning Major League games. If someone gets hurt and their absence is felt so much that the team loses their edge, it isn't the injury that hurt the Rockies, it is the lack of depth that was left causes because of a lack of development and a lack of trades by the guys in charge of those departments.

The Rockies sit 5-1/2 games behind the Diamondbacks for first place in the National League West. Instead of second place, they have fallen behind the once-left-for-dead Los Angeles Dodgers. That lead is not insurmountable by any means, and with the level of talent the Rockies have, they could easily figure things out and crawl right back into the race. Unfortunately, they don't have too much time to figure it out. They need to get things squared away in the next day or two, or they won't stand much of a chance in the NL West.

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