Ryan Edwards Show: DeMarcus Cousins traded and reaction to Emmanuel Sanders report


Ryan kicked off the show with the Top 4 Trends and his reaction to the DeMarcus Cousins trade to the Pelicans. Next, Ryan talked about the Nuggets showing during All-Star Weekend and how impressive Jokic and Murray looked. Next, he discussed the news on Emmanuel Sanders and what implications it could have on the Broncos. Finally, Ryan talked about the Darrelle Revis investigation and where he thinks things are headed with Revis' career.

In the second segment, Jeff Morton (@KingOfThornton) from joined the show with reaction on the Cousins trade and if he thinks this may spark the Nuggets to force a trade through before the deadline.

In the final segment, Zac Stevens (@ZacStevensBSN) joined the show with the latest report on Emmanuel Sanders as well as speculation on what the Broncos may do when free agency opens on March 9th.

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