RK and BBads recap a “garbage can of a game” as Bryce calls it, preview a matchup that is not worthy of having a name, get back to the old fashioned all-name draft and answer a slew of your questions.


Intro: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Crank It: On My Block – Scarface

Outro: Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Ryan Koenigsberg

In 2012, at the age of 20, Ryan became a credentialed reporter covering University of Colorado Athletics. . . despite wearing a wolf-tee to his interview.
A native of Boulder and a graduate of the university, he attended his 100th-consecutive Colorado Football home game in 2015.
Later in 2015, Ryan began spearheading the Broncos coverage here at BSN Denver, riding that wave all the way to San Francisco, where he covered his first Super Bowl.
Now 24, it seems ‘RK’ is trying to make up for that whole wolf-tee thing by overdressing at every event. He apologizes in advance for any cringe-worthy puns.