EDITOR’S NOTE: This story contains a bevy of adult themes and terms. In an effort to accurately deliver the news in its organic state, as it stands, we have chosen to publish these quotes and screenshots as originally stated or published.

It’s been over two weeks since Shaun King wrote the Peyton Manning story that changed the sports landscape forever. Since then, we have found out a lot about him and his subject, Jamie Naughright.

What Ms. Naughright might have underestimated about the news sphere in 2016 is that extreme transparency works both ways and for her, that is proving to be a very bad thing.

Jamie Naughright appears to be obsessed with sex and sexuality. The list of people that she has attacked with sexual claims is astounding.

We all know about the 1996 case by now but Peyton Manning wasn’t the only person that she went after. The Associated Press released a report in 1997 outlining a whopping 33 claims made by Naughright (then known as Jamie Whited) against athletes, trainers, coaches and administrators between 1990 and 1996. It seems that almost anyone who came in contact with her in the 90’s, assaulted or harassed her in some way, shape, or form.

With the big money Manning case behind her, Naughright would take her newly minted $300,000 and lay-low until 2002 when she filed a defamation suit on Peyton and Archie Manning after she claimed her character had been attacked in the book titled Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy. 

But Naughright would kick it up a few notches this time. She would add that Manning maneuvered his naked rectum and genitalia directly onto her head. The problem with this, of course, is that that she never reported it in the original case, a whole six years earlier.

And that’s the problem with digging up a 20-year old story and unleashing it as unprofessionally as Shaun King did. The most grotesque part of Naughright’s claim gets lumped into one big ball of momentum that can ruin a legacy.

The other problem that King and Naughright now have is that it’s beginning to look like they worked together to purposely damage the reputation of Peyton Manning. If Naughright is indeed Mr. King’s source, that would jeopardize any journalistic credibility he has left. And it looks like that may indeed be the case.

Tom Stokes, owner and founder of Sports Plus, told FOX Sports’ Clay Travis that he has a phone recording of Naughright saying that she leaked the documents to Shaun King because she’s broke and needs the money. Travis stated that he has confirmed that Naughright’s home is currently in foreclosure.

Stokes has released some of the audio files but is holding the most damning ones back right now. Regardless, what he has published is mind-altering.

In the clip below, you will hear a foul-mouthed Naughright tell Tom Stokes that she wants Peyton Manning to tell the public that “He likes di**. Big di**. I want him to go on record that he likes penis.”

One of her claims in the 2002 defamation suit was that she lost her job because Peyton and Archie Manning publicly called her “Vulgar.” But according to the AP report, many people that were interviewed by investigators at the time said that Naughright (Whited) frequently used profanity in an effort, as one put it, “to prove that she was one of the boys.”

NaughrightClay Travis had Tom Stokes on his Outkick the Coverage show on Tuesday and Stokes said, “The mouth on this woman is phenomenal. She is bipolar or schizophrenic. This woman has mental issues that only a psychologist can resolve.”

But the vulgarity doesn’t end there. Naughright brought her obsession to Facebook which made many people question her character. These are screen shots of Naughright’s public profile, which has since been deleted.

Pickle washerWhether it’s calling her friend a “crackwhore” and exposing her vagina reconstruction, or calling a man a “pickle washer” or even calling out three females from Tennessee because she thinks they are Lesbian’s who hate her because she “likes penis,” Naughright seems to be obsessed with sexuality and has no problem discussing these claims in front of thousands of people. In the most vulgar and disgusting way possible.

Ms. Naughright also seems to be obsessed with calling people out in the public arena. We counted over 30 people that were addressed negatively on Facebook alone, within the few screenshots that are posted in this story.

You can easily see how 33 claims were racked up between 1990 and 1996.

Naughright lesbo (2)Brian Farmer, who was a Facebook friend of Naughright, was also on with Clay Travis on Tuesday. Farmer was a distinguished Tennessee State Trooper from 1990-2002. One day Ms. Naughright sent him a message on Facebook. After a few conversations, things got weird.

At one point, he received a mind-boggling message from her stating,”I’m sorry you had a stroke and can’t get laid, but I did know your father.” That’s when he blocked her on Facebook but then she started texting and then finally calling him until he blocked her on every social media platform and phone number.

Like so many others before him, Farmer was now on her hit list. She started telling everyone that he was gay or bisexual. He told Clay Travis, “I really hope the young girl gets some professional help and gets her life straightened out.”

And like many others, he agreed, “She had the most vulgar mouth of any female that I have ever met.”



According to John Battle, a sports copy editor at the Knoxville News Sentinel newsroom, Jamie Naughright referred to Peyton Manning as “Golden Boy” during her rants against him. Rants that went on for “years” while an obsessed Naughright called over and over again.

Eventually, the sports department had to stop taking her calls and when they did, Naughright moved on to the news department. The vengeance was uncontrollable.

Night editor Rusty Pabst stated that he had spoken to Naughright four times in the past year.

“She was angry,” he said. “Angry at Peyton Manning, angry at UT, angry at the city of Knoxville, angry at the News Sentinel.”

Naughright Golden Boy - Violation of non-disclosure agrementInterestingly enough, we can confirm John Battle’s report about Naughright calling Manning “Golden Boy” because she referred to him as such on Facebook.

In a post that can and will probably be used by Manning’s attorney’s to exercise a claim for violation of the non-disclosure agreement, she said she would be, “Loading up ALL the transcripts, documents, and videos for the new year.”

Is this the “loading up” process that helped Shaun King get his hands on documents that had not been made public before?

Not only is it beginning to look like Naughright leaked classified documents to Shaun King, but it looks like Naughright is Shaun King’s source. If this is the case, then King did no research and wrote an entire story from the sole perspective of a vengeful woman with an incredibly shaky character. A story that might have ruined the legacy of a man.


Here is the entire audio clip that Stokes has uploaded. According to him, this is the first one of three that he will be bringing forward. In this clip, Naughright says that Manning “sucks co**” and also says that she wants to put together a national panel including ESPN to discuss all of this.

Brandon Spano

Brandon Spano has covered the NFL for over a decade in multiple capacities. He has broadcasted over 100 Broncos player interviews on multiple radio stations in the Denver market and was previously the national Broncos contributor for NBC Sports Talk. He has been featured on ESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL.com, Deadspin, and many other outlets.

  • Jack Nimble

    Well, she’s obviously gone off her nut, assuming it’s her. It’s hard to square that with the one who started a bunch of programs at UT, was spoking of glowingly in reviews (until the book came out), had a PHD and had many people testify they never heard her utter a single curse. Either she kept it very well hidden or she finally cracked. It must suck to have someone not just destroy your career, but take away your mind as well.

    • t knowles

      Wouldn’t stun me if Manning was gay. It’s the first thing I thought may be in that blacked out unreleased (by mutual agreement of both parties) portion of the record. What else could harm both parties? It could break either way- against her claim of sexual harassment and/or be damaging to his career/reputation. I couldn’t think of anything else that both sides would have mutually agreed to withhold from the record.
      And if JN has a foul mouth and talks about sex, how the hell does that have anything to do with this? The boys do- but that’s okay, right? This article is as sexist as 1996- time to move into this century, Brandon Spano.

    • t knowles

      Not to mention there has been such a rumor for a long time down here in the SEC. Kenny Chesney/Peyton Manning rumors started 15-20 years ago!

    • Wm Fred Baty

      I knew Jamie Whited when she was at UT and I’ve never spoken to anyone who knew her more than five minutes who, with a straight face, could say “they never heard her utter a single curse.” Jamie is a Profession Plaintiff as evidenced by the numerous folks she’s sued. As far as Shaun King having any credibility, that ship has sunk. This whole ordeal has been a shakedown of the Manning family, pure and simple. Some will be too simple-minded to see through this charade.

      • Jack Nimble

        I’m having a tough time buying your story. If she swore so much, why did Peyton have to lie about the one specific occasion when he recalled her swearing, making up a story about her asking him to drive the “m-effing” kids and get them off her hands? The story didn’t make any sense, and was roundly denied by everyone involved under sworn testimony. People don’t start programs, do community outreach etc. while they’re cursing every other word. Did you personally hear her swear? What did she say? Or are you just repeating rumors?

        • I have had several convos with her and she’s pretty nasty.

        • Wm Fred Baty

          It doesn’t matter to me what you believe. I said I knew her when she was in Knoxville, not that I knew OF her and this is certainly not the forum I’d use to detail past conversations with her. This is a big time smear job for no other reason than to tarnish the Manning family’s reputation, abetted by a misguided conman with a man crush on Cam Newton. Absent a single episode of mooning when he was nineteen-years-old, Peyton is as spotless as his image suggests. But you believe what you want.

  • SensualHarassment

    These Howard Stern pranksters are getting really, really good.

  • I’m not being a really Christlike Mormon here but let her be homeless. This was disgraceful on her part and I don’t care for her.

    • t knowles

      I guess you aren’t a “Christlike” Mormon if you don’t think his conduct and words were disgraceful as well.

      • John Morris

        He mooned someone when he was 19. Who cares? This chick is crazy and this was covered ad nauseum 20 years ago in the Knoxville news. I lived there then and it was a big story then and was covered extensively.

      • how can anyone take her seriously? Someone deserves to be blocked

  • t knowles

    So- it’s okay for the guy who is on the phone with her to use the F word every other word, but she is crazy for saying “dick?” Jesus, this is the very double standard she’s been dealing with since day one!!! She is vulgar but men are just being men. Right?

    • Devin Stewart

      I hope to god you are not being serious lol. Nobody is saying she is crazy for saying “dick”, it’s the entire conversation that makes her look crazy. I can’t believe you didn’t get that.

    • Mike

      this is a FANBOY circuit here what would you expect. The Manning apologists tour continues. Manning did the exact same thing as Clemons. He had HGH come to his house in his wife’s name, right? Clemons got persecuted and left out of HOF ballot. Even though their was a tape stating Manning was receiving HGH the Manning apologists crew discredit that. Nothing to see here. The Manning cartel send 2 thugs to Sly’s house pay him off and all of a sudden the tape disappears and Sly recants his statement. Strange how that works. The way I see it lets discredit this women and try to tarnish her, just disgusting. Lets disregard that she called a crisis hotline right after incident because she swears. What the hell is happening to humanity!

      • John Morris

        She also sued Donna Karan. How many people do you know that have been abused by two celebrities? Come on.

        • Keith McIntosh

          not defending anyone here, just trying to set the record straight on Karan tort, it was about a “therapist” that allegedly shook her so violently at Karan’s apt that it damaged her back and jaw…at least according to court docs, only reason Karan’s Co. is involved is that it took place at her place and Karan represented the “therapist” as being legit, if JN is money hungry it makes sense she involved those with the most $$$, but if the allegations are true what would you do if someone busted you up similarly? certainly not call an ambulance and absorb all the medical bills or impact to future employment and/or health: https://casetext.com/case/naughright-v-donna-karan-weiss-urban-zen-llc

          • Vagabond.

            Sorry for spreading more rumor.. but for opinion sake, I read online that in 2010 she also (tried to) sued a deli for slipping in a puddle in front of the restaurant 4 years prior in 2006. Her injuries caused her to miss work etc.

          • Keith McIntosh

            Thanks, I looked at it and as stated I’m not defending anyone, and in the interest of not being personally sued LOL will keep any opinions to myself. I believe that Ari Fleischer’s firm was retained when the HGH thing surfaced. Last week this Title IX suit at UT pops up so two things are going on at the same time. AF worked for Pres. W and folks in “damage control” sometimes utilize media to sway public opinion by turning more rabbits loose. Folks chase them and lose the scent of original trail. Not saying that his office has done this though. She has a colorful past and he has settled twice for the original claim due to PM allegedly disclosing things. Plenty out there regarding both suits except parts are sealed in a federal portion.


            The UT thing is separate issue and UT is pushing to get references to PM removed.


            I agree that King’s timing vs SB 50 is suspect but it’s all still a potential PR issue for PM. So now there is a phone call between Tom Stokes and JR out there, so run rabbit run. It’s just a slow news week.


          • Vagabond.

            I am not defending Peyton for his disrespectful and offensive prank (not sure what it consisted of except seems more likely now that he at least didnt make ‘contact’.. since she didnt mention it in her first lawsuit. Only wanted to point out that Peyton didnt violate an NDA when she sued him in 2002. That was for defamation- for him stating in the book that she had a vulgar mouth. There was no NDA from 1996 for he personally to violate. In anycase.. I find it weak that anyone highly respected and competent among their peers at Florida Southern would suddenly be demoted because a book claimed that individual had a vulgar mouth. That’s quite a stretch. Much more likely she was let go for other reasons… and her convo with Tom Stokes provides a considerable clue, IMO.

          • Keith McIntosh

            Well said and I can’t say I disagree at all, the convo certainly casts her in an unfavorable light. She has had quite a string of torts and I defer to those best qualified to make any ruling. It seems to me that someone is trying to bring up things from the past for reasons unknown to me. The title IX thing at UT is just one case of many at institutions all over. Some do a better job of preventing but if you examine anything long enough you can probably find something. It’s just unfortunate that these matters come up at a time when PM is likely making a career move and it would seem that he has already been held accountable for what happened 20 years ago. Anything currently being looked at is in the hands of those that should be acting on it and absent any further actions by JN or PM I think that portion is a dead issue.

          • Vagabond.

            Yes. And unfortunately, the small proportion of less credible (my opinion) like JN in this instance, damages the support needed for other victims (in the current UT case). Especially those raped.

          • Keith McIntosh

            As it applies to the big picture of public opinion that is unfortunately true. Those tasked with adjudicating the UT thing will decouple the past from the present for the most part but this may have been a strategy by the UT trial attorney for the claimants. Big names in trials attract more attention. Although it is hurtful to PM for his name to be brought up again, it is a matter of public record, except for any portions that are sealed by law. What will be more damaging to any future claimants is if the UT thing is found to be baseless. It’s like a running tally on claims and although jury selection “should” minimize it, you can’t totally remove perception. Some people will tell you they have no bias when they actually do.

          • Vagabond.

            Agreed. Well said

      • Brandon Spano is not a Peyton or a Broncos apologist. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know that. He’s as honest as the day is long though.

        • HypocrisyEndofWorld

          He was paid to write that column. Don’t believe everything you read.

      • Shane Mac

        Are you referring to Roger Clemens and his highly publicized use of steroids and HGH? It was much more than HGH being delivered to his home in his wife’s name. In addition to Clemens being persecuted he was also prosecuted for lying to Congress – and got off but not without his whole life being laid open, causing him terrible humiliation. He will be in the HoF within the next 10 years along with other PED users. But to lump Manning’s case with his is a little off kilter.

    • if she’s vulgar, Peyton’s comments aren’t defamatory now, are they? No they are not.

    • CatoYounger

      Is that you Jamie?

      • HypocrisyEndofWorld

        balls on the face and lets see if Jamie goes crazy.

    • KatyMarie

      Wow?? Are you kidding me?? Why don’t you read up on the ENTIRE case! The more that is coming out about her is just confirming what Tom Stokes released. SHE HAS A HISTORY OF BEING CRAZY, listen to her! She wants “Manning to say he likes Penis” why would you want to go on ESPN and have a conversation about that? Please tell you dont think that is normal? This is the basis of her craziness! Please pay attention, read up on THE ENTIRE CASE or don’t make comments that are full of crap! You make no sense or are trying to make an argument for something that is irrelevant. Please don’t

  • I love how some people think the audio is fake. Who do people think she is an actor? LMAO I have sent proof to ESPN and others and even sent her Florida cell # , screens shots of facebook messages, text and so on … that’s all I can do for now. Rest will have to come via a court order. Easy to trace her number back to her name, track the calls, look at time stamps etc. BTW sorry for the language. At the time of this particular call I was driving down I-20 and was a little taken back by what she was telling me. Although, in real life I do have a potty mouth. I grew up in South Louisiana in the Oil Field as a welder / Lead singer for a rock band. Still no excuse – I apologize to anyone that’s offended.

    • t knowles

      You are disusting. Truly. In every single way. What a “vulgar” slime ball you are. Interesting- how many state lines did you cross while recording that conversation on I-20. Are you boned up on the law regarding recording conversations?

      • Devin Stewart

        Are you? Texas’s wiretapping law is a “one-party consent” law and he consented. Maybe you should brush up on your law or just stop posting ridiculous comments.

      • Its very obvious that you are a Tom Brady or Cam fan. Sorry for your loss also YES Devin you’re right Texas is a one party consent state. I was thinking she’s actually Shaun King lol It took me a week to decide to release the audio. I was reluctant because of people like Knowles. I have NO regrets about doing it and bring on the stupid people, haters and weirdos like this lady or man.

        • Liani Thomas Prewitt (湯曼妮)

          No dog in this fight, but my question is regarding the law; that’s actually what I’m finding interesting from this conversation between t knowles and Devin Stewart. Texas, where you are calling from I gather because you were headed to Denton, is a “one-party consent” state, but you were calling someone in Florida which is a “all-party consent” state. Will that play into any legal action that Naughright might take since she seems to want to go after people and I’m sure you’re on her sh*t list, too (not that I think you care)?

      • Moose in Your Head

        Perhaps you need to take your primitive defense mechanisms to a therapist who (maybe) can get you to be honest, then point out your desire for cheap narcissistic feed.

      • tomcsy44

        Jaime is that you?? Get back on your meds.

      • Reality

        Geeze lady, or whatever your are, apparently in your world, the “man” is always the sleazeball, and the woman is always Snow White. If that’s obviously not the case, then apparently the woman should be able to make all the slanderous claims she wants, but shouldn’t be allowed to have her integrity questioned. The lying Shaun King, who desperately wants to be black, even though he’s white, described nutjob, Jamie Naughright, as a “professional”, who never-ever even uttered one small obscenity ever. And now it turns out that she’s an absolute, foul-mouthed slimeball, and an absolute waste of air, just like Shaun King.

    • t knowles

      I am only “offended” by your double standard.

      • Michael Winchester

        t Knowles,
        Truth HURTS!

    • karen labanca

      I can not believe the stuff being taken away by the people who back this woman. She is not well to put it mildly. That woman has the worst mouth I have ever heard just like Peyton said.So hard to believe that people are STUPID enough to say Peyton Manning made her like this. She will say anything to get him and anything about anyone wow freaky and very scary. Peyton indeed made a mistake in front of a real nut case.. get this woman help she is headed for a breakdown of her own doing.To attack Peyton’s sexuality is off the charts crazy.She will SAY anything just think about it say anything to get him in trouble for instance the LIE about him touching her with his private parts come on people WAKE up she is unhinged and always has been.

      • you’re telling the truth Karen. Sadly, for you, feminists won’t say you’re a real woman anymore which is the problem with many of these mental midgets. You are awesome though, I don’t care what anyone else says.

        • karen labanca

          Thank you very much.

          • HypocrisyEndofWorld

            I am sure all of you at one point or another lost your cool or cursed. It does not mean she is not the victim. Keep drinking the chauvinistic cool-aid.

      • James Vetzal

        having a vulgar mouth proves almost nothing about your honesty, except maybe that you’re being more honest than the non-vulgar people.
        i’m all for innocent until proven guilty, but this whole article reads like giant personal attack, instead of actually addressing the evidence of the case, which to me is done because the evidence is supported by truth.

        not saying i believe this story either way, but this article has only convinced me to take the claims made against peyton more seriously, since this is a ton of effort to otherwise discredit something completely false, the truth rarely needs personal attacks to show itself.

        • karen labanca

          thats wrong if he did not defend himself people would assume he was guilty. Sorry but thats the world we live in.Its a damned if you do damned if you dont. A mistake he made as a 19yr old is being blown out of proportion all you have to do is look a little below the surface and this lady is proved to have mental issues.

          • James Vetzal

            Only this isn’t defending himself, it’s outright attacking the integrity and character of somebody else.
            Defending himself would have been adressing the evidence and why so many people, including team mates, consistantly testified against Manning’s side of the story.

            From what ive seen the argument for peyron ammounts to this
            – she must be lying because nobody is ever harassed or assaulted multiple times
            – she must be lying because she is slutty and foul mouthed

            Im significantly more offended by what her detractors have used against her, even supposedly saying she regularly was gang banged by the black students, than by what her original complaints were about. Not just because a woman claimed sexual harassment and the country apparently accepted ‘well she’s slutty,’ as an excuse but also because somehow being with black people is even more wrong than if she was gang banged by just students.

            If he really didn’t do this stuff, there would be less personal attacks on the victim and more ‘here’s evidence supporting my side,’

            Instead it appears everybody that would be held responsible has spent the past 2 decades smearing her name as much as possible, while she’s mostly remained silent as her livelihood is taken away and education rendered moot.

          • karen labanca

            Is that why to destroy a friend of hers relationship she sent naked pictures of herself to the womans boyfriend…. this woman is unhinged. Defend her all you want I disagree and will never change my mind. Peyton Manning is a good person who not only donates to a childrens hospital named after him he goes there and visits the kids also has helped many seriously ill people. Sorry you will never change my mind…. something that happened 20 years ago and different versions of the event should be allowed to go away…… he has more than made up for past mistakes.

          • James Vetzal

            You completely missed my point, it flew over you head higher than a raptor over a sporting event.

            I have no real opinion about this either way, I could seriously not count the amount of fucks I give over football controversy.

            However, their handling of this situation has absolutely been shameful. These are attacks on her character, with the clear intent to ruin her credibility, instead of adressing the actual issues at hand.

            And as far as ive read, manning is the one who keeps breaking a court agreement and talking about this, that right there is enough to sue him again, being a celebrity doesn’t mean you get to ignore a court order, court tells you to shut up, then you shut the hell up.

            I just also want to point out, that’s just what rich people do that are smart with pa like the mannings, people like Steve Buscemi are heroes who did heroic things for the sake of helping others, peyton manning has done what he’s done for the moeny, celebrity and apparent abiliry to get away with anything.

          • Union Lacktivist

            Yep. Writing in circles defending a nutcase. White knight syndrome of a f’n limited intelligence loser. So phony… GKY dummy.

          • James Vetzal

            Like just for a moment think, if all of these allegations were true, and her career has been absolutely ruined over it, this is roughly how most human being would eventually handle the situation making them homeless, they’d be pissed the hell off.

            Especially when it’s something clearly caused by another human being, instead of some uncontrollable force.

        • Union Lacktivist

          You are a clueless fool. I bet you have an IQ of 70 or less.

    • Allen Massey

      this woman with this interview and her other claims show shes not to be trusted

    • Moose in Your Head

      F*cking Mike & Mike and all the ESPN dregs need to eat crow. Present both sides of the story ESPN!
      Thanks for sending them the info. I will keep sending it to them too.

    • Michael Winchester

      Thank you Tom Stokes.
      Otherwise we would not have heard the accuser’s side of story.

    • James Vetzal

      having a vulgar mouth proves almost nothing about your honesty, except maybe that you’re being more honest than the non-vulgar people.

      i’m all for innocent until proven guilty, but this whole article reads like giant personal attack, instead of actually addressing the evidence of the case, which to me is done because the evidence is supported by truth.

      not saying i believe this story either way, but this article has only convinced me to take the claims made against peyton more seriously, since this is a ton of effort to otherwise discredit something completely false, the truth rarely needs personal attacks to show itself.

      by posting junk like this, you’re only damaging integrity of yourselves, let evidence and truth speak for itself, not some backwards views like being polite, never cursing or talking about sex means you’re morally superior.

  • A. Pierce

    ok so Mr. Stokes befriended her so he can get her to talk. While he was driving he was recording her on his cell? He was cussing just a bad as she was. She does sounds drunk or crazy. if that is really her, the Mannings really did a job on her. It’s interesting how Stokes sounds incredulous about what the Mannings did to her and pretends to be concern for her safety while he prods her for more details. Everybody should pray for a friend like him LOL.

    • t knowles

      You are disgusting. Truly. In every single way.

  • Denis Baradulin

    Tom Stokes, Brandon Spano, Please tell Florio or some other major media hack about it.

  • Greg J.

    Wow, Tom Stokes is a complete scumbag.

  • Greg J.

    What is next? Recording Malcolm Saxon? Go ahead and explain to me how he is lying? Waiting….

    • John Morris

      Google Jamie and Donna Karan. Have you ever been abused by one much less two celebrities? I get you don’t like Peyton but damn use your common sense.

    • Greg J is a Patriots worshiper.

    • Jack Nimble

      Still waiting.

  • Greg J.
  • Lem Renrek

    Shaun King being unprofessional – no! Say it isn’t so… I mean, he is so trustworthy (end SARC). Seriously though – this woman appears to be a professional psychopath, just waiting for the next man to pin all of her angst and failures on…

    • CatoYounger

      So, a mentally deranged woman with her home in foreclosure went to a white man who thinks he’s black and has embezzled money from Black Lives Matter groups. Together they attacked Peyton Manning and some people actually bought it.

      • Memphis Viking

        Nice summary.

  • Haver Sean

    sounds to me Payton didn’t do it because women only say that when someone doesn’t want them. Besides that she’s a two bag whore you know a bag over he’s had and one over hers and pray to god one doesn’t break

    • Shane Mac

      That made zero sense. How about a bag over your head – a plastic one duct taped to your neck. Call yourself an astronaut if you like.

      • Haver Sean

        two paper bags does any one on the internet have any common sense

  • Mike Shaw

    I will never believe Peyton is anything but a class act..no matter what anyone else says.

    • HypocrisyEndofWorld

      keep drinking the cool aid

  • ReadMyLips88

    This is like the Virginia rape case in Rolling Stone, all over again.

  • john v

    She’s on drugs. Seriously. She’s gonna “be up all night,” so it’s an upper of some kind. Explains why she’s broke. And, of course, she’s also loony as they come.

    • Sportsfan3

      Well, if she’s broke, I hear McDonald’s is hiring.

  • David Degraw

    I went to High school with Jamie. She is crazy to say the least. She has made up lies about numerous people from my hometown as well..

    • Washheightsboy3

      Do you know if she’s single? I have a death wish.

      • Imsloan68

        I feel ya. Batshit crazy bitches like this turn me on. I really should get help

    • Hey David contact me – [email protected] Thanks

    • Jack Nimble

      What’s the name of your high school? It’s public record, anyway, I’m just trying to establish if you actually went there or not.

      • David Degraw

        Hackettstown high school. Hackettstown nj. She graduated in 1986. I graduated in 87′ she lived on 4th st. I was a few blocks away on Baldwin & 7th.

        • Jack Nimble

          Thanks. When did she start “making up lies” about people? While in high school, or more recently? Did she curse all the time back then?

          I ask because I’m having a tough time squaring the woman in the conversation with the one who started several programs at UT, got glowing reviews at the Florida college, etc.

          • David Degraw

            She was fine in high school. Lost touch with her over the years. It wasn’t until about 8yrs ago when Facebook was getting popular and many of us from school friended her that she started going crazy with her posts. Most of us have deleted her because of the crazy accusations. A good friend of mine who is a semi famous musician was dating her around that time. She was posting crazy things about him as well. I remember her posting a video of her walking around his apartment in NYC. Really bizarre stuff..

          • Jack Nimble

            Got it. It sounds like she went off the deep end at some point between h.s. and 2008. I wonder if all the tough times she went through at UT and then getting defamed and her career destroyed by Manning had something to do with it. She certainly sounds bitter.

          • David Degraw

            I think she created those tough times at UT

          • Jack Nimble


          • David Degraw

            Because she accused 30 other people of the same thing. .

          • Jack Nimble

            Gotcha. Well, you could look at it from the other direction – UT found enough truth to her allegations that they paid her 300K to go away. You don’t do pay out that kind of money unless there’s something to the charges. Even the UT investigation itself (which has every reason to not find anything) admitted to four violations.

            She was an attractive, busty young woman working in a Division I football athletic department. We both know that big-time athletes get cut all sorts of slack because of the money they bring to the school. That’s what the Title IX lawsuit is about, in fact. So it was pretty much inevitable she was going to get sexually harassed. I mean, you saw what her nickname was, right?

          • It wasn’t and never will be sexual harassment.

          • Washheightsboy3

            I can’t disagree more with the “You don’t pay out that kind of money unless there’s something pretty irrefutable”. There are lots of reasons why you settle things. I don’t know any of these people. Manning certainly could have done all of what she claims.But settling doesn’t necessarily mean he did. I worked as an exec for a fortune 50 company and sadly we settled things like this mostly through the form of very generous severance packages. Litigation is embarrassing, expensive, time consuming and unpredictable. A settlement closes things out privately for a known amount and includes a release of all future claims. It lets everyone move on. If I had to guess what happened here (warning: wild speculation alert), she acted like one of the guys in the locker room (crude, rude, and inappropriate) and this put her in positions where she got exposed to reciprocal behavior. Note that in the AP report she flied over 30 claims and the university found legitimacy to 4. I bet the other 26+ situations were ones where she was just one of the fellas and for whatever reason she filed a complaint later. If she felt uncomfortable (along the lines of a hostile workplace) by the behavior of others, it can be classified as harassment. But if she participated in the behavior and was willingly one of the crowd, she can’t later say it was harassment. It’s a super grey area, so it’s always safer to just not allow this behavior so you aren’t exposed to claims like this. If this was litigated by the university, maybe they would have to open up about all the behavior (some of which this woman was willingly part of) and as the employer it would paint them in a very very bad light.

          • Jack Nimble

            It’s a fair point about paying off the people to make the problem go away. But, your self-admitted speculation directly contradicts the sworn statements of many people present at the time. Also, for the record, she didn’t file 30+ complaints. She didn’t file any, actually. But she did compile a list of allegations, four of which even the UT investigative team found to be true. Notably, the investigation concluded that the Manning incident was “horseplay”, despite the fact that a witness (Malcolm Saxon) directly contradicted Manning’s version of the incident, so that gives you an idea of the credibility of their conclusions.

            Do you know what her nickname was in the department? I was just wondering if you had actually read up on this.

          • jcvet33

            I’m sure UT wanted to get rid of her. This was the only way they could. Sad thing is when you settle you will have future gold diggers come after you.

          • HypocrisyEndofWorld

            That is the truth!

          • KR


          • KatyMarie

            I think it’s been clearly shown at this point that she had a history of filing sexual harassment claims a LONG TIME before Manning came along. So please USE ALL THE FACTS, and do not throw Manning ruining her career in there. She was on her way to “something not being right” before he came along, and the more I learn the more I am convinced all she saw from him was money. Archie Mannings son, yup CASH IN! And that she has done TWICE! I have followed this extensively, read everything from both sides and I’m sorry but it’s not looking so good for Ms. Naughright or Shaun King. I’m sick of people trying to ruin a good person, why? Because he IS ACTUALLY GOOD? On and off the field, so people have nothing better to do than bring him down! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!! Journalists are supposed to get the truth, not report bs and lies!

          • KR

            That sound we keep hearing is Jack Nimble getting his ass handed to him over and over. Dude stop, you look like a fool.

          • KR


        • KR


    • HypocrisyEndofWorld

      Calling a woman crazy…not the first time I heard such claims. Seems like you did not like her and your claims are personal. I thought lots of people were crazy, you can’t prove she lied. Victim blaming is all you are doing when facts show most rapes and assaults go unreported and even less are brought to justice. You are one of the reasons this world sucks.

      • David Degraw

        I liked her very much in high school. We were friends and neighbors since grade school. I’m just telling you what I know about her and the crazy things she has said about others from my home town. As far what happened between her and Payton. I have no idea. For you to even suggest i support the sexual assault of women is an insult.

  • rudder727 .

    One good thing from this is that Shaun King will hopefully get canned.

  • sk102704

    Too bad there are eyewitnesses who back up Naughright’s version. Trying to victim blame to protect your beloved QB? Wouldn’t expect anything less from a Denver site.

    • Please name all these eyewitnesses.

      • sk102704

        There are several along with thousands of pages of sworn testimony. The facts are there but you clearly are too much of a fanboy to face the facts and own up to the truth.

        • Really? This is your proof? C’mon guy or Shaun King. The only witness that wrote a statement is Malcolm Saxon and he changed it twice SMH … Also sources puts Saxon and Naughright in a relationship at UT. Visit http://www.BeyondTheTweets.com for details. 🙂 Crackhead! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7fba6f3209fd468859721ae2b8882703ce864cdc7ba5cf9698e523b584eb87fc.png

          • sk102704

            Hahahahahahaha, that is literally the dumbest response ever! So the New York Daily News isn’t credible but some BLOG that comes from someone’s basement is? Yeah ok buddy, he teabagged her and you know it.

          • Excuse me sir or Shaun King – I remodeled my garage – please phaha basement NO WAY! I am standing up while I respond to you right there next to my good ole trusty drill press … Goofball! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b78c6d2807fec65c9710b069185f56f035e915570504d1875f0c41424227b89a.png

          • sk102704

            Yeah that makes you look a lot more credible idiot. I’ll take Shaun King’s credentials over yours any day. You aren’t fooling anyone

          • You are a dumbass – in every interview I have done I have never said I was a journalist just a producer of a regional TV show attached to the Dallas Cowboys – You know America’s Team lol So long as Jerry Jones is Happy – I’m jumping up and down. Let’s see ummm what do you do for a living? Phahahahahahahahah you’re a loser and I will be too if I respond to anymore of your foolishness. So FUCK OFF – SK! Later

          • sk102704

            Yep, there’s that professionalism that just screams credibility huh? Hahahahahaha you’re a hack and you know it.

    • David Venner

      Again, where are the eyewitnesses? There is one later from another former athlete that does not state what happened.

  • Martha

    If I were to work in a men’s locker room and not expect to see some male anatomy, I would call myself dissallusional. Just my thoughts about myself. That, and that this is 20 years old. Move along.

    • Jack Nimble

      Do you mean “delusional”?

  • Joe Gora
  • clutch299

    Wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing this side of the story Brandon. Sincerely.

  • Qi Gong

    LOL. This feels like she was set up. The context appears to be of a joking scenario between the callers. That is why Tom doesn’t want to release the whole conversation, or doesn’t want the real and whole conversation to be known. He was setting her up to make her look less credible. I didn’t think she sounded serious at all. Tom probably sweet talked her and befriended her to gain trust, once that happened the jokes came out. Just my instincts.

    • You’re wrong – Hey is this Jamie lol she has several accounts. Just FYI all audio turn over to Manning family. BTW I am actually on FOX Sports SW and Comcast NBC Sportsnet during football season… Don’t need hits. Also, more news coming soon so stay tuned! BTW I am no way a journalist nor am I trying to pretend to be. Hell, I am not even that great at writing lol. Junk Journalist HA HA that’s so damn funny. I am behind the camera hence “Producer” of Sports Plus … Peace!

  • Qi Gong

    Reading the comment by Tom Stokes in the discussion just reiterates how immature the guy really is. What a junk journalist.

  • DocSlappy .

    Don’t do the crime – You won’t do the time.
    Don’t allow the CULTURRRRE – The News man won’t look like a VULTURRRRE.
    A witness told HorseHead to “man up” and tell the truth. He refused. “He ain’t manning enough”

  • BHarp

    Was her nickname “bumpers”

    • Washheightsboy3

      Yes. I assume it was because she was very good at billiards.

  • irish93

    None of this should be a huge surprise. On the political website DailyKos where he was a columnist for years, King was frequently accused of playing fast and loose with the truth; using inflammatory headlines as clickbait; failing to verify sources; and dragging his feet when called upon for edits or retractions.

  • Michael Winchester

    Thank you for this expose.
    It is a travesty for Shaun King and some feminists to keep shaming Peyton Manning.
    It was litigated and settled with $300,000 awarded to the accuser, then 2 more settlements.
    The accuser agreed to the amount of money and terms.
    Still not enough ?? How much more do you want a teenager to pay ? After 20 years!
    Shame on anyone who cast stones and pretend they never ERRED!

  • john

    This lady sounds like a cunt

  • Chris Harrington

    Tom, I’m guessing you were playing her a bit to keep talking. I’m a huge Denver Broncos fan and have come to really appreciate what Peyton has accomplished during his NFL playing career. The man came back from basically a broken neck and put together almost a better second career than his first. Actually, it was better because of what he overcame. One of the best of all time.. maybe the greatest of all time.. He doesn’t play well in cold weather, last time I checked Indy played in a dome and I think it was more an indy thing than peyton.. all the Brady stuff, when it counts most peyton is 3-1.. And then there is the entire HGH thing… look at the man with his shirt off.. and look at his arm strength towards then end.. I could go on.. but then there is the sexual assualt claims.. how would he tea bag her if she wasn’t laying down on the floor I wondered.. she has recieved money twice for this.. right? I ws waiting to hear a humbled hurt person and that’s not what I heard, 33 other sexual assault claims.. sounds like something else happened to her prior to peyton that made her like that? I’m not sure.. Did her employers read peyton Mannings book and then fire her.. I doubt it.. listen to her talk.. You know what word comes to mind.. there are probably many..

    • Wait – You haven’t heard anything yet. We are working on a BIG follow up. Yes you are right we have tracked down people from her high school, old co-workers and ex-student athletes. We will show everyone how she has lived her life. We are going to establish a pattern and yes something did happen this has ZERO to do with Peyton. The women is sick mentally and really needs professional help. She was in a mental institution last year, got out and went right back to her dirty tricks. Peyton story is nothing … Stay tuned!!!

      • Oh and yes to playing her a bit – I had to and no I do not feel bad about that so everyone can stop asking me that. She has no remorse why should I.

        • HypocrisyEndofWorld

          How much money do you get from the Manning Family for this?

          • rich1051414

            Why is it so hard for you to admit she may be making shit up? Are all men liars and all women to be trusted? You may want to turn that ‘Hypocrasy’ bit back in on yourself…

          • Hi Jamie – GOT YA!! Ha Ha!

      • Washheightsboy3

        when could we expect the follow up to this?

  • HypocrisyEndofWorld

    @Brandon Spano The fact that this was covered up for 20 years speaks volumes on who the victim is and who is not. I am curious who paid you to write this column.

    • Hi Jamie!

    • Meldoshki Sevingkov

      This wasn’t covered up at all. It has been reported ad nauseam, especially considering the track-record of the accuser: using litigation as a form of harassment/extortion. Also, the story here isn’t what was written by Spano; the story is what was written by Naughtright herself. Do you think that someone paid her as well, to present herself as a crude, vindictive gold-digger?

  • Luigi A

    I always knew something wasn’t right about this story especially how it popped up again right after the Super Bowl by a “journalist” who seems to always have an agenda. If she was really sexually harassed and for some reason wanted to push her story to the media after all these years, then I would have expected her to talk about her story and how she was victimized and mistreated unfairly. It’s a very serious matter if this is true and not a laughing matter. But instead she is laughing and ranting on about how he is gay and in a vulgar manner. She comes off as a psychopath with her heavy history of accusations and not someone who was violated or hurt.

  • Sportsfan3

    All of that filth that come out of her mouth is nothing more than the talk that would come out of a misandrist(man-hating feminist). Sounds like she needed to be shut up. However, I do not believe that Peyton Manning is totally innocent in all of this. For that matter, there should have been a male athletic trainer in the locker room.

    • Zander McCulloch

      There hasn’t been any filth come out of her mouth except that which was fabricated by your Glory Boy’s highly paid damage control team.

  • Frank
  • moleshired

    Naught Right is certainly a whack.

  • Zander McCulloch

    As I understand it, the Mannings allegedly didn’t honor the settlement agreement they signed with her years ago and that’s what set her off. If so, she’s right to be POed. Big powerful, image conscious NFLer and all his sycophant jock sniffers continue to trash this woman. Nobody would put themselves through this crap for a few bucks. This is so obviously about justice. I believe her. Completely. Absolutely. The stories about Manning have been out there since forever. Smoke, meet fire.

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