After months of anticipation, the Nuggets finally revealed two of the four new Nike jerseys that they’ll wear next season.

With Nike taking over production of the league’s uniforms from Adidas, every team throughout the league is receiving four new jerseys; two that are released now and two that will be revealed closer to the start of the season.

All organizations got new-look uniforms, but few changed up their colors like Denver. Practically gone is the light blue that’s been associated with the organization since the 2003-04 season when the team drafted Carmelo Anthony. It’s been relegated to small accents here and there throughout the uniform. Replacing the light blue is a darker tone.

“I like the navy,” Gary Harris said at Tuesday’s reveal. “The navy blue, the way they accent it with the baby blue and the yellow. I think it’s dope.”

The jerseys, which are made out of recycled plastic water bottles, have a new and lighter feel to them. As do the new tights and socks that both Harris and Darell Arthur modeled Tuesday evening.

The players are excited about the change.

“These jerseys are actually really nice as far as the weight,” Arthur said. “They’re a lot lighter than last year’s, especially once you start sweating (last year’s jerseys) feel like a weight vest on but I don’t think you’ll have a problem with these because it’s kind of like a t-shirt.”

Denver has two more jerseys coming. Another blue uniform, according to Arthur, and one more that’s sure to be much different than the two uniforms the Nuggets showed today.

With Nike, teams aren’t confined to wearing their whites at home and their darker colors on the road like in year’s past. The home team will decide on what they’ll wear ahead of time, giving the visitors time to pick theirs well in advance, so expect both of these jerseys and the two Denver has yet to release to be alternated throughout the year.

“They feel great. Nike did a great job,” Harris said. “They’re super light they look great, it’s gonna be fun.”

Credit: T.J. McBride, BSN Denver
Credit: T.J. McBride, BSN Denver
Credit: Harrison Wind, BSN Denver

Harrison Wind

Harrison is a Boulder, Colorado native who graduated from CU-Boulder in 2013. He is the lead Nuggets writer for BSN Denver and has covered the team since 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @HarrisonWind

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