Trevor Siemian “getting a feel” for Broncos’ first team

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The Denver Broncos coaching staff has praised Trevor Simian’s play endlessly. Head coach Gary Kubiak has spent weeks trying to convince those outside of the team that Siemian is a legit candidate for the job.

But after his counterpart, Mark Sanchez, got the start last week, the coaching staff has yet to commit to starting Siemian this time around. The Northwestern product isn’t fazed one bit, rather waiting his time and preparing for his opportunity.

“We'll see,” said Siemian about whether he’d start or not. “It’s not going to make or break my day. I think that I'll get a chance to get reps in whenever they come and I'll make the most of them.”

This doesn’t mean that Siemian wouldn’t like first-team reps or doesn’t see the value in them. He's just not worrying about things he can’t control.

“At this point in camp, you're getting a feel for those guys," he explained of his receivers. "Especially Emmanuel [Sanders],  DT [Demaryius Thomas], Jordan Norwood, some of those guys who may be a little quicker out of their break. It's good to get those reps and get a feel for those guys, whether it's the ones, twos, threes or whoever it is.”

With his best poker face and coach-speak jargon, head coach Gary Kubiak has been unwilling to show his hand as to who will get those oh-so-important first-team reps. He did, however, talk briefly about the progress he’s seeing from Siemian and within the quarterback competition.

“Trevor made a great throw in the two-minute drill,” analyzed Kubiak, rehashing the day's positives for the QBs. “We got to make the plays, so it's a good competition. They're both becoming really good players, and it's a tough decision for us, but that's a good thing because they're doing their job.”

Siemian has shined as of late with some excellent throws in camp, which he continued in his first preseason game. The QB candidate has especially impressed with some deep balls and Wednesday he had maybe the deepest bomb of the entire camp .

“I think it's good,” said Siemian about airing it out in practice. “At this point in camp, you're getting a feel for those guys and some of those longer-developing plays are five or seven steps. You're just getting a feel for those guys and I think that's just a product of more reps and getting on the same page.”

With a whirlwind offseason and sudden NFL relevance, Siemian is just taking things one step at a time and letting it rip.

“I'm trying to take it day-by-day,” said No. 13. “It's obviously really competitive here with the ‘Niners in today, which was fun, but just taking it day-by-day. There's a certain comfort level, whether it's the first group or it's the second group, you're with the same guys. I think that helps.”

Siemian has certainly looked more comfortable as he’s progressed in camp. Something fans attending Wednesday’s joint practice got to see.

Now, he just needs a chance with those first-teamers to show the greater public what he’s truly capable of.

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