Von Miller wants to fine his teammates if they don’t perform a sack dance

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“The Summer of Von” as so many dubbed it, is coming to an end. While the Denver Broncos wrapped up training camp with a second joint practice with the San Francisco 49ers Thursday, Miller had his latest commercial released to the public.

In the Madden 17 video game spot, Miller is featured in a choreographed dance in several colorfully-dressed versions of himself performing his now-famous, sack dances to the melody of Justin Bieber’s song entitled “Sorry.”

“They got all the moves in there, my moves from sack dances,” Miller said with a smile Thursday. “I had to learn a minute routine in like 40 minutes. It was a record for me. With ‘Dancing with the Stars’, it was five hours every day for a week.”

The music video blends his sack dance skills with new lyrics to the melody, encouraging Madden 17 players to use the elite pass rusher do to his 99-out-of-100 rating. Miller had a great offseason, and it appears that his commercial success is just beginning. In an immense understatement, Miller sings, “rushing the passer and tackling dudes are some strengths of mine.” Those certainly are skills Miller possesses, but his offseason job on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” added the new talent to his repertoire.

Although Miller stated Thursday he had not shown the commercial to his teammates, his fellow outside linebacker stated otherwise.

“Yeah he showed it to all of us,” Shaquil Barrett said with a grin. “He is trying to impose a ‘no sack dance’ fine this season so he might have to coach us up a bit. It was pretty funny to watch.”

Miller, who has sent multiple checks to the league for his own dances, is turning the tables while maybe creating a fund to pay for whatever he has up his sleeve this year.

Fined if you do, fined if you don't.

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