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Which obscure/mediocre Buffs player did you irrationally like?

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I'm stealing this idea from my friend Adrian Dater, who stole it from his friend Chad Finn of The Boston Globe. Yesterday Dater wrote on our Avs' site "Which obscure/mediocre Avalanche player did you irrationally like?" So let's ask the same question about the Colorado Buffaloes.

As Dater wrote on Monday

It’s the sports fan equivalent of Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Goin’ Out with Him?” (Cuz if my eyes don’t deceive me there’s something goin’ wrong around here). You can’t account for taste. There have been many Avs fans over the years who have made me scratch my head and say “That’s your favorite player, really?” I remember one fan just totally idolized Cody McCormick, who didn’t play a lot here and didn’t do much when he did, except fight. But people used to look at me weird when I said Bob Bailey was my favorite player on the 1978 Red Sox. He batted just 94 times and finished under the Mendoza Line, at .191. He struck out to Goose Gossage on three pitches in the 1978 AL East playoff game against the Yankees. By then, the Beetle’s gut was so big he could barely get the barrel of the bat around it, but I still loved him. He remains the one and only athlete I ever sent a fan letter to and asked for an autograph (never heard back).

So I'll toss this out to you the Buffs' fans, which somewhat bad player did you irrationally like?

As a longtime CU follower, a current student and Boulder resident I can name a few players that fit this mold. My personal favorites, who were somewhat just "meh" as players are safety Parker Orms on the football side and guard Jaron Hopkins on the court.

No other Buff has quite worn 13 as well as Orms did. I can't think of one guy, not even a quarterback that engineered 'The Rise,' that wore 13 like the safety from Wheat Ridge did. Meanwhile 23 and Tad Boyle aren't getting along too well Hopkins transferred and Bryce Peters struggled with off the court issues in his first season.

Who are the Buffs players you irrationally cheered for? The floor is yours.

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