Who should Denver draft? Here’s what two current Broncos think

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Offensive line? Running back? Linebacker? Defensive line?

We've got just over a week to continue the always-entertaining debate regarding who and what the Broncos should target with their first-round selection in the NFL Draft. It's obvious the team has holes, some larger than others *cough* left tackle *cough* but as we've learned over the years, filling holes isn't always the No. 1 priority in the first round of the draft.

As we've also learned over the years, players currently on the team usually stay away from commenting much on the draft, usually giving the, "We trust Elway," company line, but Monday was different.

Both Chris Harris Jr. and Emmanuel Sanders gave fairly detailed answers on the type of player they would like to see holding up an Orange & Blue jersey in Philidelphia next Thursday night.

“I like play-makers," Harris said without much hesitation. "I want a playmaker on defense or offense, a guy that’s going to put up some points or a guy that’s going to change the game. We definitely need a guy that can play running back, receiver and returner. Any guy that can do that, I would definitely love him.”

Running back, receiver and returner, hmm I wonder if there's anybody in the draft that can do all three of those?

"Sounds like [Christian] McCaffrey," one media member pointed out, drawing a big smile and a facial expression that said, "You got it."

Looks like you can add players right next to fans and media on the list of folks pulling for the Denver native to stay home.

On the other hand, though, Sanders, placed himself in what is seemingly the only other group outside of the McCaffrey maniacs.

“I feel like we need help all around the board in terms of the offensive line—we can draft a tackle or someone," he said. "As far as my position, I like a lot of receivers. I like [Oklahoma WR Dede] Westbrook and [Washington WR] John Ross. The tight end class is just so deep. Look at those guys. A lot of explosive guys. I think this a good draft."

In the end, though, it all came back to that oh-so-familiar cliche.

"I know that Elway and those guys are going to make the right decisions,” Sanders concluded.

Just ten days from now, Elway and Co. will be on the clock ready to end the debate, until then, the conversation will only get hotter.

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